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  1. Goalkeeper hates my guts

    Yeah. I'm usually on the side of the manager in these situations but I think the player is justified in being upset here. Can't go back after the deal's been agreed. I know I'm in the minority, but I generally like to have 2 good goalkeepers and have them split time. Then if I have to sell one I'm not in a panic. But even with that philosophy you can still end up with one guy who's way better.
  2. There are probably a lot of threads that could help you with this, but I would start here: O-zil to the Arsenal's recreation of Pep's Barca
  3. Why am I not scoring?

    You have no width. The wingbacks in a narrow diamond need to provide the width and you've got them on defend duty. Your attack will be one-dimensional and predictable through the middle, and opponents can just sit a bunch of bodies back around the penalty area and it will be very hard to play through. Put your wingbacks on support (maybe even one on attack) and you should start to stretch the opposition a little more and create some space.
  4. I might look at making the DW(S) into an attack duty, either WM or Winger. With a FB(S) behind him and a DLP(S) holding position next to him, he'll have sufficient cover to venture forward.
  5. For your wide players, I think a WM (A) with PIs to stay wider and cross less often would work. It makes your formation a 4411, but for what you are asking them to do they don't really need to start high up the pitch. And a lot of real-life 4231s are best represented by 4411 in the game anyway.
  6. The problem with that is that it might lead you to a tactic that works well against the one team you keep playing, but not against most other teams. Along the same lines though, I like to have a throwaway save for testing ideas on FMT where there's no tactical familiarity.
  7. Yes. Some of the real players have terrible personality attributes, but the game will still describe them as "balanced". It always cracks me up to read the sentence "Mario Balotelli has a balanced and normal personality"
  8. You're probably using too many team instructions in general, but in particular I think the ones dealing with the flanks are a big problem. A 5-3-2 is a narrow formation with no wide attacking players. You're using Clear Ball to Flanks, which instructs defenders to clear it long in the direction of the wide attacking players you don't have. Then you're using Exploit the Flanks, which instructs your team to focus play out wide where you will likely be outnumbered. And you're using Look for Overlap, which instructs advanced wide players (which again you don't have) to hold up the ball and wait for overlapping runs from the fullbacks/wing backs. A 5-3-2 just isn't suited to getting the ball forward aggressively down the flanks. If you want to play that way, I'd try a different formation like maybe 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. If you want to stick with a 5-3-2, a more patient counter-attacking approach would make more sense.
  9. I agree, I'd try him as a false 9. Not only should he drop deeper that way, but the DLF role comes with "hold up ball" which isn't really a good instruction for Vela given that he's not a big, physical guy.
  10. Flooding the Midfield

    They're not actually that narrow. They're asking the wide players to swap positions. They spend time on both sides so their average position is central.
  11. Ball Winning Midfielders

    The CM/D or CM/S roles with a "close down much more" PI should be pretty close to a BWM/D or BWM/S without the hard tackling.
  12. They don't conflict as the attack duty versions of the deep-lying forward, complete forward, and target man have both by default. If you give an AMC those instructions, he'd probably play something like a DLF/A or CF/A, getting into the box and using his physical presence once there. I can't imagine too many situations where I'd want to use a player that way, although it would make sense for Marouane Fellaini.
  13. Marcelo Bielsa 3-3-1-3

    With only two central midfielders - a halfback dropping deep into defense and a CM/A surging forward - it seems like it would leave the center of the park totally abandoned during the attacking phase. That would make a short passing game very difficult to pull off, hence the low pass completion numbers. Also, a quote from The Hand of God from another thread:
  14. Cleon's Art of Possession Football is all about playing a possession game on a higher mentality like control. I'd read that. I wouldn't use exploit the middle for a possession game - it causes your team to aggressively get players forward and try through balls through the middle rather than hanging on to it.
  15. Your role/duty setup actually seems pretty logical. You've got a solid defensive base and a front three that should interact fairly well together. Like any narrow tactic you can be vulnerable on the flanks, but if your team is using the advantages it has in the middle well it might be worth the trade-off. As alinp said it would be helpful to know your mentality/team shape and any other instructions you may be using. I would think with so many specialist roles you'd probably want to be towards the structured end on team shape.