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  1. I've never heard anything official, but it's painfully obvious height is a factor. Per Mertesacker has 19 jumping reach, Peter Crouch 18. At the other end of the spectrum, Theo Walcott's a 7 and Messi is a 6. I don't think those numbers represent "springiness".
  2. You've got 3 playmakers behind an attack duty forward and you're using direct passing. Most of your attacking play will end up funneling to the striker. If the opposition is pushing up and leaving space behind the defense for the striker to attack, that may not be a bad thing. But if they sit deep and deny him space, your attack might be a little too one-dimensional to break them down. Opponents probably gave Catania that space more often than they will give it to Milan. I'd look at dropping the direct passing, and as Fosse suggested, adding some more runners from deep to give your a
  3. Don't think you can train that, but I believe it can be passed along through tutoring. Maybe you can sign Joey Barton and have him instill his values in your squad.
  4. You could try using the target man role, and then adding in PIs a complete forward would have (roam, dribble more, more risky passes, etc.) Some of those might be unavailable for the role though, haven't used a target man in ages so I'm not sure. Back in FM13 I had a monster regen named Isaac Essilfie who I played as a CF/S set as target man, and he just dominated games, so I can relate to what you're trying to do.
  5. That first season looks pretty reasonable. The top teams are all ones you'd expect to be up there. Roma and Atalanta were disappointments, Benevento maybe a bit of a surprise, but it's not ridiculous. As for the 2nd season, a 3-game sample is useless. One fluke goal could move a team up or down 7 places in the table. And the schedules haven't begun to even out. Maybe Napoli had 2 away games with top teams. Maybe Benevento's played all the newly promoted teams. I'd wait at least until one trip through the league before drawing any conclusions.
  6. What I've read on here several times in the past is that playing a player out of position only affects the Decisions attribute. I don't know for sure if that's still true (or if it ever was). Assuming it is correct, position familiarity isn't nearly as important as the game makes it appear with its pinwheels... but I think it's still worth training a player for a new position if you plan to use them there regularly. Decisions is an important attribute, and if I was allowed to train it as a focus attribute I would do that all the time.
  7. You can buy FM Touch as a stand-alone product for PC for a reduced price compared to the full game.
  8. Yeah, I've seen that too and I don't get it at all. People complain that they want the game to just be <all the stuff that's in FMT> and not all the stupid minutiae like <all the stuff that's not in FMT>. Then you suggest FMT, and they react like you're asking them to replace their car with a tricycle. I think a lot of people would be pleasantly surprised if they gave FMT a shot.
  9. I don't think the Christmas tree is a good formation for counter attacking. You sit deep and invite the opposition forward, but you have 2 AMs and a striker ahead of the ball who won't contribute much defensively. The other team will have space on the flanks and in the hole, and your CMs will be stretched hopelessly thin trying to cover it all. With that formation I'd try to play possession football. You want to keep the ball in the center of the park where you have a numbers advantage and minimize the time spent defending in your own half.
  10. I just play them over and live with the results, better or worse. I remember at one point I had a surprising 4-game win streak over 4 of the best teams in the league, then it all got wiped out by a crash. This was on FMT so I decided I would use instant result and reload until I got the wins back. After losing/drawing the first of the 4 games about 6 times, I abandoned that plan and played them all over... and won all 4 again. So from then on I do that... but I also set auto-save to once a week.
  11. Yeah. I'm usually on the side of the manager in these situations but I think the player is justified in being upset here. Can't go back after the deal's been agreed. I know I'm in the minority, but I generally like to have 2 good goalkeepers and have them split time. Then if I have to sell one I'm not in a panic. But even with that philosophy you can still end up with one guy who's way better.
  12. There are probably a lot of threads that could help you with this, but I would start here: O-zil to the Arsenal's recreation of Pep's Barca
  13. You have no width. The wingbacks in a narrow diamond need to provide the width and you've got them on defend duty. Your attack will be one-dimensional and predictable through the middle, and opponents can just sit a bunch of bodies back around the penalty area and it will be very hard to play through. Put your wingbacks on support (maybe even one on attack) and you should start to stretch the opposition a little more and create some space.
  14. I might look at making the DW(S) into an attack duty, either WM or Winger. With a FB(S) behind him and a DLP(S) holding position next to him, he'll have sufficient cover to venture forward.
  15. For your wide players, I think a WM (A) with PIs to stay wider and cross less often would work. It makes your formation a 4411, but for what you are asking them to do they don't really need to start high up the pitch. And a lot of real-life 4231s are best represented by 4411 in the game anyway.
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