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  1. You need the right players for any system, and anti-football is no exception. Having bad players doesn't make you good at parking the bus. Even if your team is the worst in the league, you should find a tactic that plays to whatever few strengths they have. If you want to play anti-football, you need good anti-footballers. Here's how I'd build a squad to suck the life out of the game. I want enormous center backs who specialize in dealing with crosses. Think Per Mertesacker, but taller and less technical. Gonna send my scouts to basketball games. Normal center backs still have a
  2. I'd experiment with tactics. Even if you can't stay up this season, there's a good chance you'll be in the same situation 2 years from now, and you'll need to find a system that allows you to steal some points against better teams. To look at it with optimism, you've avoided defeat in more than half your matches, so you're not totally non-competitive. You just need to find a way to turn some of those draws into victories. Not sure how far from safety you are, but points add up fast in a relegation fight if you start getting them 3 at a time. For morale, try to use timely team meeting
  3. The default Vertical Tiki-Taka is just so extreme in its central focus that it's hard to use as a full-time tactic, in my experience. I love the way it can gut a 442, but against teams that pack the midfield, it leads to so much backwards passing - they stop you from going through the middle, and the instructions discourage pushing it wide. The 4411 usually relies on a static central midfield that allows for more aggressive wide play, which is what you have with your roles and duties. The VTT instructions, with underlap and focus play through the middle, tell the wide players to hold up t
  4. You might consider just tweaking the IF-A a little bit rather than making changes that would affect the whole team. If he's staying too wide, you could perhaps give him the "sit narrower" PI, or make him a raumdeuter. Or if you changed the WB on that side to attack, that might stretch the defense more and open up space for your IF (obviously that comes with some risk though). As far as team shape, maybe make a smaller jump than going all the way from highly structured to fluid. You could start with structured, see if you notice a difference and if you like it, then try to go up another notch.
  5. The Michels quote talks about "letting the opponents keep the initiative of the game." If you have 68% of the ball (46% in the opposition's final third if you look at the action zones) you're not letting the opponents keep the initiative at all. If you attack directly from everywhere on the pitch at all times, some of your goals will come on direct attacks after winning the ball in your own half, but that hardly makes a counter-attacking tactic.
  6. Jumping reach is always important for a center back. You can make it less important by playing a high line and keeping tall strikers out of the penalty area as much as possible, but it will still come into play at times. I generally try to avoid shorter center backs, but if you have them I'd play a higher line (assuming they're quick/smart enough to do that).
  7. Agree with this. And it's not just the names, the in-game descriptions are also confusing. The game tells us that counter "is best employed for matches in which you expect to lose the battle for possession". Who's going to read that and decide that's the best mentality for playing like Barca?
  8. I don't think the specialist role thing should be a hard-and-fast rule, just a guideline. I had a successful tactic in FM13 with a rigid philosophy and only one specialist role. That said, you could try fluid or very fluid and the "more disciplined" instruction to reign in the creative freedom a little bit.
  9. This depends on your match strategy. In a counter or defensive strategy, defenders pass more direct and attacking players pass shorter. In control or attack, it's reversed. If you want to use a more defensive strategy and have your defenders pass shorter, you could use the "Play Out of Defense" shout.
  10. This article really helped me understand the difference in the roles. Particularly the line... "In fact, considering the four roles on an incredibly crude sliding scale from runner to passer, I’d think of it as inside forward > attacking midfielder > advanced playmaker > trequartista."
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