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  1. OK, but why I should put U18s hot prospects to the 1st team traning unit if they cant get experience from senior players by mentoring?
  2. Maybe other players don't have enough playing time and want to see Thorgan leave the club because they want to play in the first team?) But this seems like a bug, yes.
  3. It's ok if U18s player train with U18s squad, but if i forced hot prospect from U18s squad to train with 1st team squad, why I cant put him in mentoring group (i.e. screenshot from kworey above)? It's completely not logical.
  4. I have the same issue. Why I cant assign youngsters to mentoring group, but my assistant is able to do this? Secondly, I don't like the fact, that pushing the button "Ask Assistant to Assign" delete all my mentoring groups. It will be great to have some options (i.e. "Ask to add new groups", "Ask to add new players to exist groups", "Ask to clear and create all-new groups")
  5. I have exactly the same problem! I tried all the tricks in the book, but it's all vain. Many people complain about the slow operation of the game, but the SI does nothing. Please solve this issue as soon as possible. Write to us what you aware about this error, and fix it. Please.
  6. Slow moving to the news page. It takes about 5-10 sec
  7. Yes, I used the suggestion, but when I open any folder or other program, the game unfolds in the background. This makes it difficult, for example, to transfer a file from a folder to a folder or to the desktop
  8. When I press win + D, the window with the game is minimized, but when I open any folder or other program, the game unfolds in the background. So i can't normally use the desktop. If i need to do something at the desktop i must completely exit from the game. It's awful
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