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  1. Hi guys, I have started a new story with Örebro SK in the Swedish League. Part's I and II are now live at the following links: Örebro SK Part I Örebro SK Part II In Part III... Being: Örebro. A fly on the wall look at my management of Örebro SK.
  2. Some new articles online if anyone fancies reading them? Or even pretend to read them? One Foot In The Footballing Grave - a review of some of the best golden oldies available for free in FM13. Top class technical stats with woeful physical stats but still able to do a job! Director of Football - Friend or Foe? - A little guide (hopefully a helpful one) on using your DoF to your advantage, and things to watch out for. 4-1-3-2 Counter Tactic Review - A user submitted tactic is put under our microscope.. and turns out to be pretty successful! Top of the league with Spurs after 6 games, beating Man Utd and Arsenal along the way. Give it a read and download it to try it yourself! I'd love your feedback! Regards to all, frenchst.
  3. Thank you to the above. Have a read my review of Football Manager 2013: http://www.fmgamer.eu/football-manager-2013-the-review/ Got a fair amount of players going live onto the database as of today.
  4. to the team at SI. You've got me again. This does seem like the biggest leap forward for the game in a little while and I'm delighted that there was so much feedback on Beta - I'm sure the final product will be far better for that process. Now to find a DoF who doesn't waste all my transfer budget on new coaches. Or maybe I just strip them of that particular role.
  5. Could I be so bold as to contribute a review that I have posted on my own site? It's at http://www.fmgamer.eu/football-manager-2013-the-review/ If I'm not allowed to post as such, please accept my humble apologies.
  6. Maybe (almost certainly) I am a dreadful manager, but I feel that the instructions I give either to the team as a whole or individuals have very little impact on what happens on the pitch. I've yet to feel in control of my team during a match, or comfortable in a match when winning or even drawing. Opposition teams always seem to have the best of the possession and always look likely to score. I find my team slow to move into space or to close opponents down, when my own team is hassled and tackled a lot quicker when I am in possession. My team never looks like controlling a game or building up momentum and consistency. I love everything about this game except how good my team is! I appreciate we are only in Beta stage and I fully expect the final product to be a completely different beast but I am getting a tad frustrated with my Liverpool team - whom I have luckily had £48m to spend on during my first summer - running around like they belong in the SPL (and I say that as a Scot!) Like I said, I'm probably just a bad manager!
  7. Outstanding work. The article really represents a fair bit of hard work and thought.
  8. FMG Forum now up and running! http://www.fmgamer.eu/fmg/forum Could really do with a few moderators to help assuming we start to pick up so if you want to register on the forum and then email me frenchst[at]fmgamer.eu to discuss it, I would be very appreciative! Thanks, frenchst.
  9. Thanks to whoever submitted the first external player to the Player Database. Can I also add that I have now set-up a similar database for tactics to be submitted. Your support in getting some stuff sent in would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi everyone, I have relaunched a Football Manager fan-site - FMGamer - that I used to run a few years ago. You can view it online at http://www.fmgamer.eu. I have built-in a feature to our site that we had years ago - the Players Database! Fans and visitors can submit details and reviews of their favourite players from FM and those reviews will be posted directly onto the website for everyone else to see. You can submit players via http://www.fmgamer.eu/submit-a-player-to-our-player-database/ or by going to our main page on FMGamer.eu and by entering your player on the right hand side of the page. It'd be great to see and hear from you and I'm hoping this will go well! frenchst
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