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  1. I noticed a lot of the time I lost the ball in their half was players trying to take it round their opponent. I'd rather they looked for a pass to try and retain possession. I tried the tactic on FM Touch to see if it was an issue with the familiarity and got hammered 6-0 first game....
  2. So I have played four more league games and safe to say things haven't improved... I have only created 5 CCCs in the four games, but I just cannot work out what is going wrong. We seem to be having more possession and shots now I have tweaked things, but it seems to break down in the final third. I wonder if the players are playing too safe, as they don't seem to be able to pick out a pass once we get in the oppositions half. Either that or we are lacking vision.
  3. Thanks to all for your input and suggestions. I have made the following changes: - Removed More Direct Passing and Hit Early Crosses - Replaced Run at Defence with Dribble Less - Changed LFB (D) to FB (S) - Changed FB (S) at Left Back to FB (A) - Moved A (D) to DMC from DMRC - Changed Team Shape to Flexible from Structured I will play a few matches, watch in full and report back.
  4. Interesting. I will certainly give it a go and watch the matches in full to see if I can spot a noticeable difference, thanks.
  5. I see where you're coming from, and have indeed witnessed that in a few of my games. My thinking was that I didn't want to get caught out with the ball at the back (although most of my players do have good concentration for this level so perhaps not as much of a risk) and also the need to get from A to B quickly when a chance arrives.
  6. Hi All Having had a lot going on the past year or so IRL, I have only recently bought FM16 (cheap Steam deal) so am trying to get to grips with the new match engine and have to say, I'm experiencing a great deal of difficulty. I decided to start up a save based on Non-League to Legend, and luckily got a job at Chelmsford in Vanarama South. The board expect me to 'Fight Bravely Against Relegation' so knew I would be up against it from the start. As such, I have tried to implement a Counter Attacking 4-4-2 formation, but with little success. My idea of how we will play is as follows: - We play direct football, sitting deep and attacking predominantly down the right through the DLP and Winger - The Limited Full Back sticks to his defensive duties whilst the Winger works up and down the flank - The Anchorman fills in for them when they attack so we are not too exposed down the right flank - The Wide Midfielder helps out in the middle of the park when the Box-to-Box Midfielder is at either end of the pitch I think the most worrying statistic is that I have only scored 6 goals in 12 league games. I was under the impression that the majority of teams would come and attack me, leaving plenty of space for me to get in behind them. I realise that it is a very defensive tactic, but I believe I still have adequate roles and duties to create chances. We are only creating a clear cut chances once every 70 minutes, which is obviously the reason behind our lack of goals, but I am trying to work out why we are not carving out chances. Looking at my formation again, I am wondering if my striker is too distant from the rest of my team. I think I am happy with my defense, having only conceded 13 goals in our first 11 games, before getting beat 3-0 in our last outing, which prompted me to post this. Any ideas/opinions much appreciated.
  7. Well, that escalated quickly. I've no doubt the game has become a lot more difficult since 11/12, when I was at university and had a solid 6 to 8 hours spare each day I could put into developing and testing a tactic. I'm probably guilty of changing a few things around and expecting miracles, as like I said, this seemed to work on older versions. It's good that the game has become more challenging.
  8. Yeah I think that's what frustrates me the most. I never saw myself as a bad FM player until I saw these people taking the likes of Canvey Island to the Champions League in 10 seasons.
  9. Okay will do. Through all my 5/6 years of playing FM, I've never once managed a big team so this should be interesting.
  10. I understand this, but when people are getting teams to the Premier League within 6/7 seasons... It all just seems to come down to luck.
  11. Getting to the point where I'm no longer enjoying playing FM because it's just too hard.
  12. Nice to see I started a little debate. Think I'll run through my friendlies tonight and watch the whole match with no TI and just mentality. It does make sense I suppose to see how your team plays out with no TI then make adjustments accordingly.
  13. Out of interest, has anyone tried playing with no TI and just using a mentality?
  14. I was relegated last game of the season, so have started again with Redditch. I'll have a play around with tactics during pre-season and hopefully give an update after 5-10 games. I'm still unsure on taking a counter-attacking approach as I don't want to invite pressure on, so some TI adjustments may have to be made if I use the 'Counter' mentality.
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