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  1. It's unlikely at this point, unless the game becomes available very cheap (like less than £5). I don't have FM14, and have fallen out of affection for football over the past couple of years so don't plan to get it anytime soon. If I do buy it and start an updated project, I'll post here.
  2. FM13's technically better in all areas except training, and CM01-02's more pick-up-and-play fun, but for me FM11's the gaming equivalent of my slippers and my favourite chair. Steam has me listed at 4615 hours played on it (obviously not always fully focussed!) and it's still the version I always go back to when I just want to relax and play some FM. That is, of course, not counting FM Live as it isn't one of the poll options.
  3. Neymar. Free. Ross County. He'd broken his leg in the year his contract was due to expire, resulting in him being released and nobody signing him while he was injured. As soon as I could get him through a medical, which was mid-November, I picked him up. 9 months later, as Champions League winners but haemorrhaging money due to his contract, I sold him on to Internazionale for a very cool £31.5m.
  4. I have been known to fine all 14 players following a particularly atrocious defeat. They don't happen very often. I'm never anything but calm in press conferences, but not afraid to let rip in private chats. It's an approach which seems to serve me well.
  5. Hungary's one of the worst nations, if not the worst, in the game for naturalisation. Eight years, and the player must live in Hungary continuously for the eight-year period.
  6. I've started work on updating this to be compatible with the January database, but unfortunately it looks like some of the changes will mean that I have to start completely from scratch. I'm just not sure I have the motivation to start from scratch -again- on this file, so as it stands it's only confirmed as compatible with the launch database. If I'm able to complete an update for the January database, I'll do so and add it to this thread.
  7. Seems to be an ongoing problem with GameFront, so I've added a FileFactory link.
  8. PM sent; problem solved. If anybody else is having problems, please let me know. Thanks.
  9. I've reuploaded it and updated the opening post, but the file is showing as unavailable at the moment. Hopefully, in a few minutes it'll be working fine.
  10. I'll change Szolnoki MÁV FC's short name to Szolnok. If you've other specific examples of team names you think I should change, you can let me know either here or by PM. I don't plan to work through any transfers before the data update, and hopefully there won't be any I need to work through after it.
  11. I can change team names, yes. Do you have specific suggestions? I've left a lot of the SE/SK/FC/AC type endings in because it's hard to keep track of whether I've used a certain short name before (for example I could abbreviate several different clubs to Debrecen). Szolnoki MÁV is named that way in the default database; I haven't changed it. Any names I have changed I've either changed because there's more than one team with a similar name (there are a lot of teams named Haladás, for example) or because the official league tables list them differently (like Lombard-Papá or MVM-Paks).
  12. Updated to version 0.00c. Changelist Major Update: Tier 7 is now playable. Cities: Updated co-ordinates and altitudes for cities in NBII and NBIII – Alföld. Clubs: Updated squad lists for NBII. Updated home kit and colours for Nagykőrösi Kinizsi. Fixed Template Clubs to Prevent Availability for Friendlies. Competitions: Activated Megye IV. Added regional boundaries to NBIII – Alföld. People: Updated and added managers and backroom staff for clubs in NBII. Updated and added managers for clubs in NBIII. Added missing players to clubs in NBII. (Data accurate as of December 2012.)
  13. Yes, I've been beavering away in the background trying to get some of the more obscure players at the right clubs. I have a new release I'm almost ready to upload, which has all seven tiers working. Watch this space!
  14. FM13 should be fine on that as long as you aren't planning on running dozens of leagues at once. I play on a 2.5GHz single core with 4GB RAM and don't have any problems. Your 3D performance will be relatively poor but you can adjust the settings to compensate for that.
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