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  1. Even for Cesc in the extremely unlikely event Barca would sell, do you truly honestly see us spending that much on one player?
  2. The way Sanchez has played at times this season he makes Gervinho look like Messi so careful what you wish for. Also by 'come in with more money' I meant in terms of transfer fee, not wages, i.e. we'd be priced out of it. But I'd be very surprised if they are even thinking of selling.
  3. They won't get rid of him yet, if at all. Sanchez and Villa probably, Puyol has signed a new contract recently. Valdes possibly as he's refusing to sign a new deal. Even if they did decide to sell Cesc someone would come in with more money anyway.
  4. Only on loan? damn, thought we'd gotten rid of him at last.
  5. Hopefully he'll have the chance to keep his place if he continues playing well rather than being benched as soon as Sagna is considered match ready.
  6. Whilst we've done well defensively so far, I'll personally just settle for a clean sheet against City as imo that is the first real test of our defence since Steve Bould got to work on it. Anything else a bonus.
  7. Hope Giroud can come on as a sub and grab a goal then don't see Gerinvho as an improvement over him so far really.
  8. Hope he gets a goal soon, seems to work hard, win most of the headers that come his way and do his bit defensively on corners so I like most of what I've seen of him so far.
  9. Think Giroud could turn out to be good, still settling in and didn't have much help from the rest of the team but he did ok considering. Pleased with how things went defensively, especially with WS being out, but Gervinho and Diaby looked so clumsy on the ball playing forward, no wonder our attacks kept breaking down, always tripping over their own feet or running it off to nowhere.
  10. Will be interesting to see what happens to them when he does eventually retire.
  11. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    So annoying, want to start a long term career game but cannot decide where to start. Was thinking of trying Uncle Ron's file and starting in England for once but also wondering about somewhere like the Solomon Islands or Papua New Guinea and working around the world from there. I know I want to start at or near the bottom either in terms of leagues in a country (with more than 2 levels) or in terms of international reputation of the league. Anyone have some suggestions on picking a starting point?
  12. The danger being if he has decided to leave and is willing to run down the last year and go for nothing, I would hope the club aren't prepared to risk that but then I hoped they would have signed him up again before it got this far.
  13. Would it be possible for you to upload the Canada/Us files as a .rar or .zip? Whenever I try to download the Canada xml it sits there for ages trying to bring up the xml to save then crashes my browser for some reason...
  14. That will be me next year.... will certainly be strange.