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  1. Hi there, after the update to 20.3 my back arrow on my keyboard stopped functioning. I use it a lot to go back quickly from one screen to the previous one, but now I have to drag my mouse to the top menu and click the arrow physically which after playing for a few hours feels really annoying. Is there anything I can do on my end to fix that? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks. I already tried deleting cache and preferences and it didn't work. I have to say - I had the same issue with this animation delay/lag in FM 2019 on my old Macbook Pro. This one runs an even better GPU (Radeon R9 instead of just onboard Intel graphics) but the performance is the same. With regards to programmes in the background, I have tried to run nothing but FM 2020 (with steam set to offline) but that didn't change anything, unfortunately. I hope we can resolve it
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply Jimmy. I have tried it with the logo pack (that's the only one I have installed), with 1 league and small db but there's no difference. Also, can I run DxDiag on my mac? Not sure...?
  4. I have started a new save now, loaded 1 league only with a small db. I don't see any change, unfortunately. The lag-ish performance occurs even in the game setup. It's as if the hovering or transitions effect are set by your engineers to be delayed. It is a smaller delay than before though, now with the public beta. In the FM menu it doesn't occur anymore. In other areas of the game it does. Once again, I think it feels like a lag, but it's just a delay in animations, if that makes sense..? Here are two videos, one from a new game's set-up and the other using the new save (1 league, small db): Set-up: https://streamable.com/v7a8l Game: https://streamable.com/un8o3
  5. Thank you. The new beta does help a bit. Doesn't solve it, but helps a lot. For example - 'FM' Menu is much more responsive, but going through players in squad is still quite laggy.
  6. Hi, changing 3D and starting a new save with 2-3 league (no logos, facepack etc.) didn't help at all. However, the new beta does help a bit. Doesn't solve it, but helps a lot. For example - 'FM' Menu is much more responsive, but going through players in squad is still quite laggy.
  7. Sorry I didn't get an email notification, just did this now though. Nothing has changed. Can you please help?
  8. Hi there, I just bought the new game and I've downloaded it to my MacBook Pro 15" from 2015. I'm already noticing an annoying lag/delay in animations, this is clearly seen when going through squad players, menu etc. Here's a video: https://streamable.com/dpbgx I should mention, I'm running the laptop with charger, it's running on Radeon R9 2GB and I've so far tried the following but nothing helped: -Retina off (in settings) -Zoom out to 100% instead of 200% -Windowed mode instead of full screen -Lowest resolution possible -3D settings to Very Low Can you please help? This makes the game super annoying and slow.
  9. Just to keep you posted, I have tried to delete the game today, shut down the computer and open it up again so that only steam and FM 17 (after re-downloading and installing) would be open - still facing the same issues unfortunately. I'm lead to believe the issue is to do with the game itself, or its support in Mac. It's undoubtably slow, lagging and far worse than FM 16 in those terms. I hope there is a patch to fix that in the works, or if you perhaps have another solution for me..?
  10. I think it is shown in the first video I uploaded, I searched specific attributes to central defender starting from 15 to all attributes down to 11 and back again. not more than that. To be honest, I can live with a slow search as it is something I use every now and then but the slow inbox... oh man, that is one hell of a nightmare to play with that happening! Thanks Lucas, hope we can find a solution.
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