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  1. Have to say sorting your set piece takers out is a nightmare, thought it was poor in FM17 but with more boxes now it is even worse in this version. Also why do you have to do it individually with each tactic? Why can't it be like captains and penalties which cover all your tactics? Also don't find substitutions as smooth as FM17, where it was pretty easy to change player and give him his team talk, this version seems a bit more long winded, either that or I haven't got used to the new lay out
  2. It was! I can play FIFA on my graphics card, so no way should it be half a star and low? Unless something has changed or I'm doing something wrong or need to do something?
  3. It is saying my graphics capability is very low and half a star but that simply cannot be correct? I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti graphics card Or has something changed drastically?
  4. Yeah you don't notice any issue until you've played probably 3 seasons I won promotion in my first season, ground development was delayed in my first season in the National League and I didn't actually notice the issue until towards the end of my 2nd season in the National League (3 seasons in) I'm still not sure if the issue is only when you add seats onto standing areas or if you actually build a new stand?
  5. Unfortunately I just deleted mine through frustration But I imagine the problem is in everyones game, if you've played a few seasons, just check out the capacity of the teams who have been promoted, it happens to all teams not just human managed ones I know it isn't going to be fixed but it is a pretty major bug for LLM, pretty disappointing and was enjoying the game
  6. Unfortunately I just binned the save as it was pointless carrying on Really surprised this can't/won't be fixed as it really does kill lower league management I mean at Maidenhead I got them promoted and to meet the requirements of the National League they only needed to install 100 seats Ground Capacity was 4,500 (with 400 seats) - National League is minimum 500 seats Once the work was done I was left with a 500 capacity all seater stadium! In turn my average attendance wen't down, my income went down and the board reduced my wage budget! Its a real shame as I was enjoying this version of FM, but I like to start in National North/South and earn my way through the leagues Oh well thanks for taking the time to reply anyway, appreciated
  7. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/454749-Stadium-upgrade-doesn-t-meet-league-minimum-requirements Just wondering if there is likely to be a hotfix for this issue? As obviously lower leagues its a pretty big issue
  8. I wish it was! Chris Cohen damaged his cruciate ligament on 14th September 2014 and he played his first 45 minutes in the reserves this week and isn't expected to play again for the first team until next month Britt Assombalonga damaged his cruciate ligament on 11th February 2015 and he still isn't back in training yet On a side note Andy Reid has been out with a groin injury since 14th September 2014 and Matty Fryatt has been out since 3rd March 2015 with an ankle problem and still isn't even training!
  9. Just wondering why there isn't a stat for shot stopping? Surely one of the most important duties of a goalkeeper? Also how come we can't train a goalkeeper on shot stopping and one on one situations, again surely high up on goalkeeper training in real life? Thanks for reading would appreciate your comments and views on this
  10. As Manager how do you get these areas to improve? Everything else seems to improve but not these?
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