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  1. Marko Livaja doesn't have any international appearance while in real life he has 4.
  2. Something from lower leagues. Gavriil Apostolidis and Angelos Kygais are Vrasidas Neas Peramou players. Here are the official announcements https://www.facebook.com/ourpowerisyou/posts/2777728765826900 https://www.facebook.com/ourpowerisyou/posts/2771190533147390 Also Charalampos Provatidis of Orfeas Eleftheroupolis has retired. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3249425588422670&id=100000657825102
  3. - Muamer Tankovic of AEK Athens has a 1 year contract - He has signed for 4 years - Official announcement https://www.aekfc.gr/newsdetails/stin-aek-o-mouamer-tankovits-125331.htm?lang=el&path=1621168502
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