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  1. Really? but i just got back from work i'm not exactly on "vacation"
  2. Exactly when is this game gonna be fixed? I haven't played this for 3 days now since the last update crunched my precious saves..So when is this going to be fixed i need an answer.Merry Christmas everyone
  3. Hey Neil..Quick question buddy.Is it possible to roll back the older patch so that we all could enjoy this game during this short Christmas holidays.Honestly bud this game at the moment is unplayable and i don't think i have time for more experiment from you guys testing and what not just please talk to your people for a possible roll back.Merry Christmas
  4. Please S.i for the love of God please fix this patch before Christmas day.With all the turmoil going on here in USA i need a piece of relaxation and with this patch i don't think it is helping at all.Please for crying out loud fix this before Christmas morning. I will even pay extra 30bucks just to have the old patch back instead of this new one is a killer.Please fix it or roll back the old patch.Thank and happy holidays.
  5. I really think Fm producers should definitely skip 2014 version with that they all could sit down together and discuss whether they want to continue making this game or just scrap it.This awesome game has gone really worse since 07/08. I really think this is an act of Pyramid scheme in a way of luring money away from people just to enrich themselves. Are this people trying to tell me that they didn't at least test or play this horrible 2013 version couple of times before releasing it? Even with all the patches that they have released so far the defenders are still acting dumb and useless. The goalie is just a joke and how on earth will a team like watford play and pass the ball around like Barcelona with so many other problems crossing in this game is just like a penalty. Bottom line is that the game is a joke and it is a pretty mistake that i purchased it again after last year issues. We seriously need a big apology from this criminal minded wicked people who made this joke of a game.Goodbye and you people should stop scamming people.
  6. I already bought this game off steam and at the moment my laptop is playing hide and seek with me so here is the thing currently i'm not ready to get a new laptop with the way Economy is going i don't think it is a great idea.So here is my question when is this game gonna be available on the Ipad and how much is it gonna cost?
  7. I'm not insulting you instead i'm letting you know how ungrateful all of you are and please don't put words in my mouth i am from America and i know my right of speech.see ya
  8. Every year same complains from same bunch of spoiled kids. Do us a favor stay away from fm14 don't buy it wouldn't be an ice breaker! brain tards
  9. This is just the beta version of the game and this awesome game has just being out for only 3 days!!..you idiots are just either plain stupid or just internet *******.Bottom line is i appreciate whoever made this game i paid this with my hard earn money and i won't complain at all because i know deep inside me this game is pretty good AND HOW HARD IT IS TO PRODUCE SUCH THINGS and this game will get better as the time goes .No matter what you freaking idiots say i love this game and GodBless whoever made it.bye now
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