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  1. I would rather have them positioned as wing backs and giving them a CWB role set to attack. Gives you a bit more cover defensively, especially on the wings where you've mentioned you are conceding from. The attack instruction coupled with your look for overlap instruction should allow them to get forward plenty too. Also I'd consider changing one of the shadow strikers to something a bit more creative, maybe even an enganche or something along those lines. Someone to hold onto the ball and bring other players into the game for example your wing backs.
  2. Rangers, we're back in the Prem and made a lot of really interesting signings that I look forward to seeing how they perform in-game. I'll also start a save with a German team, one of my favourite leagues to manage in, had some great saves in the past with Bayern, Dortmund, Hamburg and Leverkusen.
  3. Just wanted to pop by and say this is an excellent move from Miles & co. Feels nice being rewarded for being a loyal follower of the series and purchasing every version of the game. For those saying that it could be bought cheaper elsewhere. Yeah, you probably could find somewhere but buying directly from Steam is the optimal way for protecting your purchase and gaining access to the early access Beta, hassle free. See if you get the same service and peace of mind, when buying from a cd key seller or even a legit seller you can find it difficult getting the beta key etc.
  4. FML was more of an MMO with different concepts and revolved around large servers designed to deal with a lot of traffic. What I'm suggesting is simply a way to remove the need for one user to be the host and include the ability to have a remote host that all players connect to. This could be a few of your mates on your own private server, giving you a fast connection for better loading/processing and the ability to tweak and customize the network game to suit.
  5. There are of course users of the games on this forum and various other forums that create their own Transfer Update, that is available for download. A short term fix before the release of FM16 of course!
  6. First of all, I'm not suggesting SI fork out and set up servers for us all to host Network games on for free. However, I do think the ability to create your own server from either a private server that could be integrated with FM or SI provide the ability to rent a server from them, which then could be used for hosting Network games (anyone who's aware, think of Minecrafts servers). Had a quick look but didn't see such a suggestion before (although I'm sure there would have been). We all know that a poor host or people with slow connections can ruin a Network game and in general, it's not rea
  7. I'd reccomend you go for a high spec laptop rather than a MacBook. MacBooks are nice but for the money, you could get something like this (i7 Processor, 12Gb RAM, Dedicated 860m Graphics card). With some change left over and also the ability to play other games if you desired.
  8. I like to start as a big team with each new FM, been Bayern or Dortmund the last few years. Good way to find your feet and get used to any changes. Nice way to experiment with tactics too, especially with unusual roles. I'll usually use this save as a way to get to know the hidden gems in the game, that I can then quickly snatch as a lower side in a different save. Probably Bayern this year.
  9. At £600-800, it's easy to get yourself a nice high-end desktop. The best route, would be to buy the components and assemble it yourself, if you believe this is achievable (it's really not that difficult). However, if you prefer the route of a pre-built system, then http://www.chillblast.com seem to be a good place for pre-built systems. An alternative is to buy a base unit, such as this. Then add a graphics card (£100-300, depending on what level you want) and most likely a new psu (£40-70) to support the new graphics card.
  10. Yeah, the star rating isn't a perfect indicator but it's there as a general rule. As for your specs, they're perfectly fine for FM on a large database and a few leagues without any problems. My laptop is similar spec with an i5, 8gb of ram and no dedicated gpu. The star rating I get is 4 to 4 and a half. Only thing I'd recommend is ensuring your laptop is in high performance mode via the battery section or control panel. Most i5's come with a turbo boost option that is enabled when it's in high performance, meaning a substantial increase that may solve your issues.
  11. Definitely not, like a few has already mentioned, it's not The Sims. I wouldn't mind being able to use a percentage of your savings to reinvest into a club for transfer funds. Would be good for taking up a lower league side after a long career and boosting them yourself.
  12. Nice start Luken. I've got a Dortmund save on the go atm the moment and have switched between ultimate possession to free-flowing attacking football for the first few seasons. Currently in my third season and opted for the same approach as you, of adopting the real life philosophy of the team press and quick transitions from defence to attack. I had a similar tactic to you already, with a few more team instructions but one little thing that I've just tested out was dropping the ball-winning role for a centre-mid defence role. I didn't quite realize how far out of position the ball-winning mid
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