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  1. I'm still playing fm 19 and my players refuse to follow my throw-in instructions lol.
  2. Welcome to the the world of facing a defensive 5-4-1 or 4-1-4-1 every week.
  3. Curious as to why? I've often though that it limits the bpd creativity as he focuses his passing towards the playmaker but is there anything else that I'm missing?
  4. After incorporating some suggestions from this thread we just absolutely demolished Man City in the UCL final. Despite going behind early we were dominating the game without creating any clear chances. I was about to switch to a much more aggressive 4-2-3-1 plan b, but instead made a couple small tweaks and made an inspired substitution and got the win we deserved. We're still not creating as many chances as I would like but we are absolutely smothering teams and rarely need more than a single goal. Anyway thanks for the excellent thread.
  5. Origi has been great for me. I resigned him at his same wage at the beginning of my save and loaned him to Newcastle. He was one of the top 2 or 3 scorers in the league after half a season and I recalled him after selling Sturridge to Tottenham for 31 million pounds. Origi struggled for much of the second half, but I was trying to play him as a support striker and once I changed his role to a cf-a he's really played well. In my 2nd season he's scoring 1.28 goals/90 mins so far as a backup and I couldn't be happier. Sturridge on the other hand has failed to impress at Tottenham and is transfer listed. We also played Tottenham in the UCL final and he had the opportunity to beat us in penalty shootout and missed, but we still ended losing on penalties.
  6. Is anyone scoring an inordinate amount of corners? I'm scoring a corner almost every game and I can't figure out if it's a fluke, if my corner routine is an exploit or if the team of enormous human beings that I've assemble coupled with demigod TAA taking corners is just destined to score at a ridiculous rate. On a side note, I kind of think that playing with TAA his equivalent to cheating. He is absolutely amazing.
  7. I often find playing a winger on his opposite foot (i.e., Mane on w-s as a lw) to be very effective. They still naturally cut inside (especially if they have ppm to cut inside), but they stay wider a little longer and can really be effective against a deep, narrow defense.
  8. I just hired Andre Villas-Boas to be my U23 manager. I could be wrong, but he'd probably be willing to sign on and he'd be a good assistant. You could also promote Pepijn to groom him for an eventual manager role as he's probably gonna be the next manager irl.
  9. I just sold him for 60 million to Arsenal and I got 31 (24 up front and 11 in installments) for Sturridge in January 2019. I think the trick to getting decent offers might just be to offer for unspecified amounts. They were both wanted by the clubs though.
  10. He's played as an IF-a in a 4-3-3 and is scoring a goal like every 110 minutes for me so far.
  11. He's doing ok playing every match as an IF-A for me.
  12. So Mourinho has been downgraded in FM 19? I can't remember the last time I'd seen him fired in a save let alone in December of the first season. Also having a pretty good 1st season so far. After 15 games we have a 7 point lead over Man City (3rd-5th are Everton, Southampton and Crystal Palace) and we've only allowed 3 goals. We're scoring a fair bit too but I don't think I've ever been so dominant defensively in the 1st season.
  13. This is related but a little off topic: How often do people use shouts? In previous games I would rarely see any indication of a player reaction, but in fm19 they are much more responsive to them. If I tell them to tighten up late in a close game or to concentrate if we've given up a chance or after scoring a goal, it seems the entire team will often be frustrated or angry. Has anyone had more success with team shouts during the game? I have found that directing a shout to an individual or a small group of players tends to be more successful but sometimes you want to make a team shout.
  14. Does anyone use the training intensity training option? Would it make sense to do something like this? It makes sense to set a high intensity for players who are well rested, but I don't know if setting an increased training schedule for well rested players will adversely affect them in the following game. Basically I want to make sure that backup/rotation players are training harder in order to maintain their fitness but I don't want to have to manually adjust their individual training intensity level every week based on injuries or match congestion.
  15. I I think in terms of FM personality, his behavior at Southampton should not affect his professionalism. Instead it should be reflected in him being very ambitious with high levels of controversy and low levels of loyalty.
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