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  1. Depending on the price, I'm probably going to buy it. Depending on the price though. More than €5 and it's going to be a no.
  2. While it is most likely just a bug, I do try to treat these things like stuff that can happen IRL too. Look at Luiz Adriano's goal for Shaktar against Nordsjaelland for example...
  3. I'd like the ability to make a person a player at team X and a non-player at team Y. I wanted to create BX Brussels, the club Vincent Kompany bought, but it seems it's not possible to make him Chairman of BX Brussels and player of ManCity at the same time.
  4. In FM12 I steamrolled Portugal with Porto. Even with Hulk gone it shouldn't be much of a difference in 13.
  5. Yeah, I don't really care for it when it's just a regular match but when it's an important one (rival win/loss, competition win/loss, ...) I'd love to actually see it from the players etc.
  6. Laptop died while playing FM, so looking for a new machine. Most likely going for a PC this time instead of a laptop. Old laptop had a hard time running even 5 leagues with small database, this time I'd like to enjoy the game to the fullest: all leagues loaded, full database. What's the minimum I'd need to run the game smooth as silk with all things loaded?
  7. More attacking runs and long shots were very much needed... but the attacking runs are simply way too much. I play Chelsea (now second season) with an attacking, short passing game with fairly high tempo (for a short passing game), which worked quite well pre-patch. Often had 60-75% possession against all but the best teams. Won most games, with often a lot of goals for me, but nothing overpowered. Had a lot of draws as well. Falcao in january had scored already 24 goals in EPL. Now post patch... While it is nice to see Hazard and Oscar making awesome runs over half the pitch ripping apart the opposition's defense and scoring as well, it's just too much. Almost no killer balls any more, Falcao is set up as targetman but he simply doesn't receive the ball any more. Even my designated playmaker prefers to dribble 4 defenders and score, about which I can't complain of course (as long as he does score), but it's silly when three players are free and in a dangerous and much easier scoring position. Have also seen crosses floating into the goal a lot more often now. Azplicueta managed to score from the corner flag...
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