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  1. It's a hard read, but it's worth the read. https://t.co/B2JbK62ide

  2. That's a bit personal. I'm sure Simon would appreciate some discretion Zelda. Christ. https://t.co/Lhn6YAu0Q8

  3. @FlakfireGaming @MrProWestie 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. @ImConorsTweets That was SWTOR!

  5. @snflrr @icklenellierose The first one sounds like a Guitar. I like either!

  6. Thanks Doctor https://t.co/yRR01603ro

  7. I am now a retired man. https://t.co/TzDH7kF69y

  8. And fín. https://t.co/NEuAIkQGDO

  9. Have you double checked your Nvidia Control Panel (not GeForce experience) to make sure that it's actually running from the GPU, rather than the integrated. I use an MSI Laptop and sometimes games end up defaulting to the Integrated chip and it's mighty frustrating to discover you've been gunning in potato mode for however long.
  10. Just a point of consistency from me. Squad -> Squad Depth -> Best XI Compared to the tactics screen, this feels a bit disjointed. Fully respect the decision to introduce changes to the tactics screen, but it does feel like this screen here should parallel with the tactics screen. I don't see why you'd use one standard here and then a different standard on a screen that seems to fit the same purpose. EDIT: On a related note - I do find it odd that on the Best XI screen, the Duty Shorthands are D/S/X/A, whereas on the Tactics screen, it simply shortens the word so S becomes Su, D becomes De. As with the above, it feels inconsistent.
  11. I get that. I did try a standard 4-4-2 through last season but lost the control aspect of the game I've been championing and didn't see an improvement in the finishing. I have at times switched the AM into a Shadow Striker, but don't think I have the right player for the job, if I were playing in higher divisions, a Treq might even do the job. Should single striker formations just be avoided at all costs in lower leagues?
  12. Thread Aim I'm finding areas of success using a 4-3-2-1 Asymmetric set-up, with plenty of possession, great passing, fine defensive shape - yet despite playing football 'the right way', I'm often on the bus home as the losing side. I think I'm onto something, but I don't think I'm smart enough to carry it over the line. I'm asking for people to review the below information, inviting them to offer their thoughts and opinions, and aiming to protect my MSI GS70 Stealth laptop from being launched through my Samsung flatscreen. Please do ask as many questions as you have, I'd very grateful of any back and forth and will be happy to offer up any extra information not included below. The Team: Plymouth Argyle (Greeeeen Arrrrrrrmeeeeyy!) The League: Sky Bet League 2 - 2015/16 (2nd Season) Board Expectation: Respectable League Position (Currently 5th at Christmas, W12, D1, L8 - +6 GD, lowest GD in the top 9) Recent Match .pkm: Here - Northampton vs. Pymouth Tactic Download: Here Season Form, Squad Depth, and Tactical Analysis Gallery: Here The Setup: The formation was suggested by my AM during our2nd pre-season, we'd previously been playing simple 4-3-3 (1 DM, AM Wingers)/4-1-4-1, with barely any TI/PI's and had failed miserably to find the net in the first season, we finished 12th despite being in the playoff positions around January. I was hesitant at first, but the shape of it, and attacking style felt magic once we got out on the pitch with it. Team Instructions: Mentality: Control | Team Shape: Structured On reflection, I've since disabled 'Close Down More' as I already have this setup in Player Instructions. On which topic: The Keeper is set to 'Distribute to Full Backs' The CB's are asked to 'Close down less' and 'Ease off tackles' The wing backs and DM are without instruction The CM is set to 'Shoot less often', 'Move into Channels' and 'Close down more' The MR is also 'Shoot less often', 'Close down much more' and also asked to 'Roam from position' The AML will 'Shoot less often', 'Close down more', 'Move into Channels', and 'Cut inside with ball' The AMC will 'Shoot less often', 'Move into Channels' and Close down much more' The ST will 'Shoot less often' and 'Close down much more' I know, that's a lot of don't shoot instructions, but without these, they've just been trying to smash it in from 30 yards. Amazing when it goes in, but it's once in a blue moon, and I wonder could we not be doing something better with it. Defensively, I've asked to the CB's to hold their shape to try and force errors, and invited the team to track back and do their city proud. This isn't a 'Smash and Grab' tactic, I can afford for them to take their time returning to shape. I've also tried switching to 'Counter' as a Mentality during matches and found it to be better defensively, but rarely does it do the damage at the other end. So, when has this worked? [video=youtube;X8BokH5uWWU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8BokH5uWWU The above was from my most recent game, away against Northampton (20th), and perfectly demonstrates the type of play I'm looking for. A match analysis gallery, including some of the key players is available here Comments: This is lower league, it's simple formations, long balls over the defense, Target Man and crossing; or GTFO - I've read pleasanter versions of this everywhere and I get it, I should be playing simpler football. I tried that last season, we didn't do well, and I felt powerless to influence anything. I'm convinced this style of play can work, and I want to explore every avenue before I abandon that. The Control mentality is just inviting people to counter attack you, that's how you end up losing right? - Pretty much most goals scored by the opposition come from set pieces, countered crosses, or scrappy scrambles - so yeah, I'm not exactly helping myself. For crosses, I understand that this is a bone of contention with the current ME, what irks me about this (and the aforementioned) is that these things seemingly never go my way. I'm also conscious that the same opportunities aren't as likely to open up with 'Control' play, as it presses the other team hard into their own box, but surely I can fashion something from here?
  13. Really enjoying the Skin - as a bit of feedback, I find the transparency on the quick subs menu isn't easy on the eyes though. Is there a file I can delete from the skin in order to restore the default? Just as an Edit - I'm noticing that there's a red square in the top left corner of where the image should start, which also appears on the initial screen as you progress into the match engine. Wondering if it's just as simple as adding in another file?
  14. Hey all, love the idea of a challenge so going to give it a go, currently trying to reload my way to finding Bedworth (which appears to be a complete longshot!) but if there's any teams that folks want me to keep an eye out for whilst I'm reloading, then give me a shout by PM and If I see them come up, I'll be happy to share the save. With them having such a low reputation (1100 - the lowest!) is it even possible they pop up in Season 1 from just reloading from Jun 24th?
  15. Very surprised to see Llorente go out on a free again from Bayern - quite a career he seems to be having!
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