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  1. One way to make the game easier (although it is another form of cheating) is to use a scouting tool as Knap suggested. I have used FMRTE as it has a Mac version and is very easy to find unattached players with reasonable ratings that can be picked up by lower league clubs. I'm currently having great fun managing Ringwood from the 10th tier of English football (I loaded the 3rd party database that enables down to the 10th tier) using the beta version and SympathyVol2 tactic. It's a bit challenging having all players on non-contract so other teams regularly steal my best players so you are constantly recruiting new players all the time! Two promotions in two seasons so far though which is very rewarding.
  2. I also always start a new version of FM with a lower league team and chose Havant & Waterlooville in the VNS this time around. Surprisingly I am getting good results with the following tactic in the beta version so far: !!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF433WMKnapP103ECFA.fmf. 433 seems to get the strikers scoring but I agree regarding the comments about 70 yard passes, no one squaring the ball to a free player etc so hopefully the match engine gets a good tweak in the released version. And yes Knap, please upload the tweaked version as I may switch to this at the end of the first season.
  3. Hi Bryn, Do the fans spin up when playing FM17 on your new MBP? I currently play FM17 on my 2014 13" MBP with dual-core CPU, 16GB ram and Intel Iris graphics and when playing 3D matches in retina display mode the fans go ballistic so I have to drop the graphics setting to low and change the resolution (or even run in window mode) to make the game run without the fans going crazy. I am thinking of buying the 2016 MBP and am weighing up between the 13" and 15". Realistically I only need the 13" for work but I could probably go the 15" if it made a massive difference for playing FM in the evening.
  4. I'm now using a free app called AppPolice that limits the cpu for running processes. Limiting FM16 to 60% seems to minimise any fan noise. Obviously processing is a bit slower but it works for me at this stage. I'll try testing at a few other percentages to see the results.
  5. Hi, Hs anyone experimented with setting the "rendering mode" to software? My MacBook 13 retina is currently set to full screen 2560x1600, Retina on, zoom 175% and rendering as software. Graphics quality is set to low and 3D matches on. I have also turned off scenery and crowds in the match settings. At the moment, I can use FM2016 (outside of match day) without the fans coming on at all, and then when the 3d match starts the fans kick in a bit, but nothing major. The 3D quality when playing the match is pretty grainy and blurry, but that is fine for me. I'll try and add a screen shot.... https://goo.gl/photos/J2Gbec6qXufr5F2u5 Now I did fiddle around with various settings so not sure if everyone tries to recreate these settings they will get the same results. I will try and do some more testing but at the moment this is acceptable to me if I don't want my wife asking every 5 minutes "is that rain outside or is your laptop trying to take off?". And SI, I appreciate that you are looking at the problem and also understand that most MacBooks have dedicated graphics so are not intended to be powerhouse gaming machines. However, they are basically the same as many windows based laptops from a hardware perspective (excluding retina displays), so it will good to see if it is the OS or the retina resolution that is causing the issue. Do you have evidence of a retina vs non-retina macbook? Has anyone tried either bootcamp Windows running on a macbook or running in a VM such as parallels? If I get time I'll try it in a VM as I have Parallels installed.
  6. How many leagues are you running in what sized database for your effected save? England (6 leagues). Large database What resolution is your Mac set to via the System Preferences? 2560x1600 Are you running in Full Screen (if so, what Resolution), Windowed or Maximum Borderless Windowed Mode? Full Screen, 2560x1600 175% zoom. What graphics quality does it recommend your system to run at? High What graphics quality do you set your system to (High, Medium, Low etc)? Low If you lower the graphics quality does it make any difference to the fans/performance? Not much, maybe slightly? How does 3D run in game - does it lag, skip etc or does it play without any performance issue? Quite laggy on high, not too bad on low. What temperature does your system run at when running matches? (You can use TGPro on a 3 day trial to see, but bear in mind this program is not made by or supported by Sports Interactive) - https://www.tunabellysoftware.com/tgpro/ Not done this yet. I tried CPU throttling the FM16 process and also changing FM rendering to "software" but neither of these changes made a huge difference. I have also noticed much greater battery drain with this version of FM.
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