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  1. Annual Release Dates

    End of October is fine its worked well in the past if its not broke why fix it.
  2. I always play as Hartlepool utd which is the team I support but I think I will try either FC UTD or Barrie in Italy.
  3. Steam workshop not working.

    It should work with the new version but the correct place to post it is in the bug page.
  4. problems with work shop.

    Thanks Penguin.
  5. I dont know if anyone else is having the same problem with FM15 but everything I have subscribed to and downloaded has not been able to be installed into the game, I have done exactly the same has I did with FM14 which worked fine, this is so frustrating anyone know a fix.
  6. I like a lot of the game but have found a few problems: 1) Trying to exchange players when making an offer for new players, go to screen have a choice ie transfer listed players or others I have tried both but it goes straight back to the transfer screen. 2) The match engin still seems sluggish.
  7. I never used the in game editor in 14 but will use it in 15 if it is updated.
  8. Future match team selection

    Go to your squad list it should tell you there
  9. Managing the team I support Hartlepool utd in the 1996 version I got to what is now the Championship from the bottam div. still the best.
  10. Has anyone used Workshop yet

    Has anyone used Steam workshop yet to add something to the game and has it worked any comments.
  11. Gibralta

    Has anyone made a playable Gibralta leauge which can be used with FM14.
  12. Gibralta

    Has anyone made a playable Gibralta leauge game that can be used for FM14.
  13. With Hartlepool utd Data issue When Steve Howard was sold I had to Pay a % to Tow Law and Northampton why he left thouse clubs years ago and hartlepool signed him on a free in 2012, I dont no why % WOULD BE PAid anyway.
  14. Hey All!

    Hi unlike some leauges ie the MLS and Australian league the european leauges the winner actualy wins that leauge and does not go into a 4 way play off the championship and league one and two either the top two or three teams win automatic promotion with team 3 to 6 or 4 to 7 going through to the play offs. i hope this helps.