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  1. Just read the whole thing through and it's a great thread. Congrats on the Euros. Could we maybe get a screenshot of Ryan Gauld? If you're not 10 years ahead of us already, that is!
  2. The Basque Country has around 3 million people, and yet Athletic do well in real life and on FM aren't the biggest challenge in the world. London has almost three times as many people. While not easy I'm fairly certain a London challenge would be more than doable.
  3. Alright Romanista1994, nice thread. I started my first save with Roma and I'm now in December. I set some young fullbacks, a young keeper, and another leftfooted centreback as targets for the transfer window. I'm trying to play a similar tactic to Rudi irl, a 4-5-1 more or less with two inside forwards on the wings and a trequartista upfront. I couldn't really find a good, cheap, young fullback but I did decide to bring in Matt Lowton from Villa for 2.5 mil - he's not a brilliant signing in any way but he's quite versatile and his stats are well rounded, as well as being only 25, so since the price was so low I decided to get him. He's 3rd choice atm and I think he will be my 2nd choice rightback in a few years when I've hopefully got a younger one to replace Maicon and Vasilis who will be too old by them. Plus his wages are low and he gives Ashley a mate. I've also signed Éder Balanta who my scouts were raving about for 3.5 mil +750k after 50 league appearences to be my other leftfooted centreback and he can be backup for leftback I suppose. However I had to let River Plate have him on loan for this year to get him. As for keepers, my scouts recommended Timo Horn to me and when I saw that he had a 3.8 mil release clause I went straight for him and he's done alright when he's played so far. Finally, I bought Pedro Obiang from Sampdoria for £4.5 million as I got an injury to Nainggolan early on and so had to get a new centre-mid, especially since Uçan looks pretty crap and Paredes is meh. He's really rounded and he can also play DM which is nice. I also sold Borriello for 100k to Atalanta just to get rid of his mad wages. Unfortunately I did have to pay him some of them until next year for him to leave (I think 68k a week?). Here's my tactic. As you can see, I'm 13th in the league and performances have been pretty poor for the most part. We drew 1-1 away to Napoli in the first match, which was decent but disappointing as they equalised in the 85th minute. We then drew 1-1 at home to Verona which was annoying; they scored a freekick. We got a pretty hard draw in the CL, although it could have been worse: Chelsea, Schalke (called Gelsenkirchen!) and Galatasaray, and in the first match we lost 1-0 at home to Schalke. Everything suddenly clicked though against Udinese at home, and we won 3-1 but it could have been a lot more. However, we then went on to lose 5 games in a row: 4-3 away to Sampdoria, 2-0 at home to Torino, 3-1 away to Chelsea, 3-0 away to A.C. (which the fans were'nt happy about) and then 3-1 at home to Palermo! We then managed to beat Galatasaray 2-1 away which was good, but we then lost 1-0 away to Cesena from a freekick in the last minute. Everything suddenly clicked again and we smashed Cagliari 4-1 at home next, but we followed it with a 2-1 defeat away to Parma. We got it right again though and smashed Galatasaray 5-1 at home before beating Chievo 4-0 at home. We then drew to Lazio 1-1 'away', which was annoying as a victory would have been great for the morale as well as easing the growing pressure on my job. It could have been worse though, as Gervinho equalised in the 86th minute despite the fact that we only had ten men on the pitch since Florenzi got a second yellow (for jack ****!). A key CL night then followed away at Schalke; if we didn't get a result we'd be out for sure. We stormed into a 2-0 lead with Iturbe and Gervinho scoring by the 27th minute, but in the second half we fell apart and Tranquillo Barnetta scored twice to level it. Destro however then showed his worth and scored in the 72nd minute, and squeaked it out to get a crucial away win. We're now second in the group, although we're only ahead of Schalke by 2 points and we have Chelsea as our last game whilst they have Galatasaray. Since form seemed to be turning around I hoped for an easy win against Genoa at home and so rested players for the coming match away to Rubentus, but we drew 0-0 in a boring game. And that's where I am now. We're 13th in the league with 13 points and we're behind the Champions League spots by 15 points. My job security is 'very insecure' and I think it's pretty clear that we're just doing crap. Honestly, I feel that we've simply been unlucky as we've definitely had the chances in our games but we haven't taken them and the other teams have scored a lot of set pieces against us. We've also had bad luck with injuries, as in addition to Strootman's injury we've had Cole, Pjanic, Gervinho, Nainggolan, Pedro Obiang and Holebas out for decent spells. Our form might be changing though. The next three games could mess this up though as we've got Juve away, then Chelsea at home and then Inter at home. The few bright spots in the team have been that Destro has been playing really well, and has even forced me to drop Totti who was at the start of the season my definite first choice, and Iturbe has also been playing really well as an Inside Forward on the right; he's joint top goalscorer with Destro. Florenzi has also ben playing well, as have Astori and Manolas. I'm just hoping we can pick up form maybe helped by some good signings in January; the contracts of both Umtiti and Andre Ayew are up in the summer and I've made them unhappy at their current clubs, so we might be able to either get them on bosmans or bring them in in January. I honestly don't think the current squad is bad though, we've just been unlucky. p.s. have you guys noticed that Tin Jedvaj has an agreed fee with Bayer Leverkusen of only £4.22 million? I really hope they don't exercise it, especially since it's a two year loan...
  4. I like the format! good luck with fisher and good first season
  5. how could you be so heartless as to sell Chori? great thread!
  6. This is a brilliant thread mate, keep it up!
  7. fantastic job! is your league setup still the same or have you loaded anymore leagues?
  8. he means as his training focus to get his physicals up while boosting defensive and creative stats, not to retrain his position (I think)
  9. I moved them into the WB positions interestingly, deuce81, both of your signings were also my first two! Honda played pretty decently for me in every role that I played him (DLP, BBM, and AP). Balanta's also a nice buy; he managed to play Castan out of the team despite how well Castan was doing for me... I felt a bit guilty but I couldn't really drop either of them if that makes sense and Balanta clearly has more potential so I decided to keep on playing him
  10. thanks! that's a good idea, I'll look to add that in somewhere in the next few days although to be honest I don't see anyone other than Alessio/Jedvaj/Caprari making it... there are a few others with good reports though. The players who are out on co-ownerships i.e. Bertolacci and Nicolás López are also very promising (although genoa are asking for a fortune for Bertolacci!) glad to see someone coming on board! Daje Roma maggica! I'm hoping that this thread grows decently well also; Roma are a fantastic team to play as this year. Thanks! thanks! here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/?dk48xy1jb9okzt1
  11. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/370360-FM14-A.S.-Roma-Mezzo-giallo-e-mezzo-rosso roma's up
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