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  1. Except it's not lies. Here's the editor: []SNIPPED LINK[/] If they can do it, why can't you? Stop lying to your customers. Cheers.
  2. They'll lose money because people will just edit the game instead of buying the unlockables. Just sell us an editor for £10 and be done with it. Don't listen to the 'technical issues' excuse. There are third party FMC editors available for 14+15 so that's been disproven.
  3. My Air runs FM fine wih no fan/overheating issues. If you upgrade the processor in it it'll cause more heat/fan rather than less.
  4. Solution: play FMC which doesn't have any of that player interaction rubbish
  5. I've experienced this in 2014 too. No idea if it's in 2015 though.
  6. Editor News subscriptions (or just a subscribe button on club/player/staff to get news updates) or better news handling. I should get news about my favourite club (transfers, manager changes) or the players on my shortlist (injuries, awards). It just doesn't feel immersive at the moment.
  7. I started out playing LMA manager 98/99 which was a cracking game. Then bought all the LMA managers up until it was discontinued. Luckily somebody bought me CM 2006 by accident otherwise I wouldn't have looked at a football management type game again That was the only CM game I played. The ones after that were all rubbish (trying to copy FM was bad. Should have found a niche by keeping it as a casual management game and focus on the game engine). Once CM was discontinued and LMA/CM were showing their age I decided to give FM a try (maybe 2011?) and I hated it. Micro-management FMC is the type of football management game I enjoy. If/when FMC goes the way of FM live/FM vita it'll be the end of the road for me. So yes, give it a go!
  8. Sorry a game offends you so much! I don't like Messi's hairstyle so I don't want him in my game, what should I do about it? What about all the other footballers convicted of sexual offences? I wish people would inform themselves before jumping on the media witch-hunt bandwagon
  9. I, ahem, liberated myself a £500m balance in game and after 1 season I'm still a semi-professional club. There's no board request either. This must be a bug? Did the same in FMC 2014 and was instantly upgraded to professional.
  10. In FMC 2014 I took a club from conference to league one in successive seasons without receiving a single job offer. I didn't receive a job offer in FMC 2013 either and I'm yet to in 2015. Am I just a bad manager or is anybody else experiencing a lack of job offers (whilst employed)?
  11. Don't expect a reply, they have no intention of supporting an editor despite it clearly being technically possible (FMH got an editor this year using a custom database)
  12. So the excuse 'the FMC database is different from the full fat game so we can't make an editor' doesn't wash any more. FMH did it, why can't you? What's your excuse now SI? http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/409647-Football-Manager-Handheld-2015-Out-Now!
  13. I'm a real fantasy player so an editor is necessary for me to continue purchasing the game. I play FMC exclusively now. An FMC editor that allows me to enable B teams for english clubs would be great
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