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  1. I got him from FC Bayern so you would have thought the Bundesliga would be a strong enough league to qualify..
  2. Im second season and got promoted with Bristol City, after reading this post I thought I would give this a try. I signed Oliver Batista Meier after his permit was turned down so just trained him After 120 days I applied for a permit even though in a press conference they told me he wouldn't get one and to my surprise, granted for the duration of his contract. Did he get a permit now as he is an English premier league player as of course not played a single match at any level?
  3. Mine seems to have settled and I'm back on high graphics again..
  4. Ive upgraded today and the only problem I've found was lagging during the game, Ive had to turn the graphics down a notch to medium which is not ideal
  5. I always play with my team Bristol City, I just loose interest with other teams but I have spent a lot of time in Palermo so I may look at another save with them at some point as they are my second most live watched team..
  6. Working very well for my Bristol City side..
  7. Sussed it now, thanks for your help once again..
  8. But when I try to upload a tactic it only give me the option of loading from Marks iMac and nothing more?
  9. @KUBI Sorry to trouble you again, what I don't understand is after I download a tactic, where do I save it so I can upload it into the game? apology for being a bit dim on this...
  10. Hi, I've downloaded FM20 but can't find the files in the usual place on my iMac, its normally in documents in finder but can't find the files (Tactics etc) anywhere, anybody got an idea?
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