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  1. Poor youth every year

    Year 2015 and Helsingborg
  2. Poor youth every year

    I get 16-17 year old players who will never be good enough because their potential is at best 2,5 stars. How can I make them as good as 4 stars players ? If their best attributes are 10 it's no use if they are well spread out.. EDIT: Now I understand why you don't understand. I meant their POTENTIAL not current ability.
  3. Poor youth every year

    In football manager 2013 I haven't noticed such happening. In football manager 2012 yes, but they were from weird smaller football countries like Israel, Canada etc. Maybe not quite Maradona but still good enough for any national team starting eleven.
  4. This has been an issue for me for a couple of versions already. I have maxed out youth facilities, youth coaching and youth recruitment network. In FM 13 beta I even recruited a head of youth development(Judging ability+potential>35) and told him to bring the youth players to the team. All time best I have got is 2 and a half stars POTENTIAL youth player. And what is funny I got him on my first season before improving youth facilities etc. After improving the youth have gone just worse. I think has no effect at all in this game. I am almost beginning to think it has something to do with my computer speed or something like that because this is ridiculous and I have see no one else complain about it.
  5. Beta Version Lifetime

    When the full version comes out does it reset the germany and japan national team to fake players in your save when you update it?
  6. I got FM 13 preordererd from fm-scout. They sent me an email with a registration code. "Your pre-order purchase includes early access to the Beta Version! The Beta is estimated to go live Thursday October 18th in the evening but exact times are still to be confirmed. Please go to http://www.sigames.com/news/ for last updates." However when i enter my code in steam it says: Football manager 2013 Pre-Order has not been officially released, and cannot be unlocked at this time. Please check the Steam news to find out the release time. I live in Finland and I KNOW THEY ARE ALREADY PLAYING IT HERE so it can't be region-thing!!!
  7. Football Manager 2013 Beta

    It most likely can't be next week since Miles Jacobson said on Monday it's this week. Moreover in fmscout they say "Play 2 weeks earlier: Pre-purchase FM 2013 and receive early access to the beta version, which will be available on Friday 19 October".
  8. The Unlockables

    I was just about to pre-order FM 2013 but am glad I decided to check the new features before hitting the confirm button. First I thought it's some kind of fanmade joke critical to modern game industry. If I wanted to cheat there was funnier cheats in 1997 Age of Empires where I could summon a rocket launcher car or a lazer rifle man to own caveman AND I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! I have played Football Manager series for over 10 years and I know that "the unlockables" are actually stuff that has always been there but now has been locked so can be called unlockable :applause::applause:. Why would anyone want to remove transfer window because it is one of the features that makes the game more exciting? I hope the AI has not been broken because of this in normal game.However this seems to be the matter only with the classic mode. What I want to know is there any "unlockables" in normal mode. If I reach cup final pay 1.50 euro? If I retire and add a new manager in 2020 pay 10 euro? All discussion of the unlockables welcome this thread.