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  1. yes, i know, but i thought touch was for mobile devices i wanted clarification, hence my question, if it is not then just say, thats fine, no reason for me to pre order then
  2. FM touch 2017 question. If i pre order it says i will get this for free, if so does this game work on the Ipad Air 2 ? and if so will I get a code to activate it on that ?
  3. yes, he did say that, hence why i said it was open for debate on who the opposition would leave down field to mark the players who had not come back to defend the corner, he also said that and i quote In the unlikely event that a team did try that IRL I.E leaving multiple players up field for a corner, i read that he does not think any team IRL would do this, and quoted again Leaving 3 up should disadvantage you more often than it works in your favour, in reality - as i stated i dont believe this to be the case, again thats open for debate, as i said i believe the less people you have to defend against as a corner comes in the easier it is to defend, also, should the ball not be cleared properly the less chance you have a shot being deflected etc.
  4. When Mourinho first managed Chelsea i remember an interview he did where he stated that he left 2 or 3 players up the pitch when defending corners, that way the opposition has a choice to make, either they keep some men back to mark them 2v2 or 3v3 or maybe an have an extra man so they don't and run the risk of being out numbered should the defending team win the ball back and manage a quick counter attack. To suggest teams do not do this type of thing in real life is just wrong, who they choose to stay back and mark these players is open for debate, i also do not agree that this will in fact hinder the defending team IRL i believe the less bodies you have to defend against when defending a corner the easier it is to defend providing your players are alert and do their jobs correctly.
  5. OP Is this the team formation and instructions you are using ? i got it from the other pics you posted if you click the image in the first post If it is then it seems you have a few conflicting instructions, also the formation you are trying to use seems much harder this year to get right.
  6. im not find it to bad. League stats 15 games played 28 goals scored 7 conceded 2 scored from corners 1 conceded from corners most common goal scored from a pass - 18 in total.
  7. I have been messing about a bit with my Man UTD team (and others!) and have been having a little trouble with this years FM, however i think i have a system which for the most part seems to work for me anyway!, i just beat Arsenal 7-0 at home with some of the best football i have ever played with any team i have managed in this years FM. In the end i decided to "keep it simple". I am not saying this is even a good tactic or will work for you but some of what i am doing is as follows. My general team settings are. Team settings to - Balanced and Standard. Team instructions to work the ball into box, Pass into Space, Hassle Opponents. Team Shape. Change RVP to AF Move the ML to AML duty Winger on support Change CMR from BWM to CM on support duty Change MR from Winger to wide midfield Change the duty of the RB to Defend (he will still attack) make both CD into CD am also experimenting with the right "defending" CD to play as a covering CD, fredinand/evans The rest is how i have it. I have not gone mad with individual player instructions either. GK - distribute to defenders. CM (S) - hold position AML (W/S) roam, tackle harder, mark tighter. WM (A) stay wide. and thats about it, it seems fairly sold, keeps possession well and scoring 23 goals in 8 games including charity shield and only conceding 3 with 6 clean sheets. i would personally play carrick as the DLP with giggs/anderson as backup, i have kagawa as the AML with januzai/giggs backup, i guess it also depends who you have in your squad, brought and sold. i sold fabio and got shaw and use him as back up for evra until he is ready to be first choice, i figure evra will have 2 seasons in him, i also got khedira who i rotate with fellaini, fletcher will also fill in here when fit.
  8. Hi, so i am having real trouble getting my head round the star rating for players positional rolls. For example i have a player who is natural CM with 5 stars for ADV Play maker but only 3.5 stars for "normal" CM in any of the defensive, support or attack rolls, his stat's look like he should be able to play the normal CM roll really well and that's the roll i would like to play with support selected, i mainly want him to play this roll so my 2 CM players are not wandering out of position to much. I am trying to just ignore the ratings for the roll of each position and just play the players in the rolls i want in the desired position on the field, the problem is my brain keeps telling me to play them in the best roll for each position, im not sure a DLP and ADV Play maker are going to offer that much cover in the centre of the park, even more so when the player in the AMC position also has ADV Play maker as his best roll!
  9. same here, while i have not tried reinstalling i have been trying to get steam to update it on and off all day, i am from the UK and got the game from Green Man Gaming.
  10. been trying on and off all day but my game will not update from the beta version, still on 14.1.1xxxxxxx
  11. no its something to do with friendlies, but im to lazy to work it out
  12. have also tried this and tried inviting them to me, but again it didnt work as it says it to far for either youth team to travel.
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