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  1. If you don't mind me asking, why not? I play a CF in Vanarama National League, and it works great...
  2. I usually play the 4-1-4-1 with either a Wa or a WMa with IFa PIs on one side. On the other side a WMs either set up as a IFs or a pseudo WPM (pi: sit narrower, more risky passes, dribble more). Ordinary FBs and FBa behind them. A good dribbler with cuts inside ppm is awesome as a Wa. This type of winger, at least for me, gets in between the fb and dc and make crosses closer to the area. Playing on a less risky mentality such as counter, the build up play is relatively slow. If you have sufficent support/runners from midfield you can indeed have enough players in the box for your win
  3. I would drop the wide players back a notch to get more players back when defending, because for a CA tactic to be really effective you want your opponent to overcommit players forward. That's often best done defending deep. You can still set them up as wm with the same pi's as rmd and if. Consider changing the bwm to a cma or bbm, to get another runner from midfield. If you do this you might want to change your dm duty to defend. Drop the overlap shout. This can cause good CA chances to break down, because the wide man holds up play waiting for a fullback to overlap.
  4. As far as I know this only influences the player starting point (wide/neutral/narrow) If your IF is told to stay wider, and is being marked by oppos fullback, it's likely there will be more space between that fb and the dc on that side. This space can be exploited as it's easier to pass to your IF and/or give the IF more time to control the ball before being closed down. The cut inside instruction will still be active, but is an on ball instruction.
  5. Never really made a tactical development thread, so to keep the thread progressing I've been naughty and made a test save using the editor... Once I'm happy with my tactic I will start a "real" save and develop players to fit into the system. Changes made in the editor: Put together a squad with players to fit the roles I have in mind Removed all PPMs to create a neutral role interpretation only based on the players attributes Starting point: Mentality and shape Fluid - Control TIs Much higher d-line decrease space between def and mid to ma
  6. Intro: I've had this idea of making a tactic inspired by the real life roles of some of my favourite CM/FM players. I have intentionally stayed clear of a lot of the typical "heroes" of CM and FM such as; Bakayoko, Svindal Larsen, Duff, Tsigalko, Nikiforenko, Chiotis, Adu etc. Simply because I have no idea of how they played in real life (some are even fictional). I first came up with this idea playing FM 13 or 14, but didn't try it until FM15, because I struggled to decide upon a "framework" to work with. To give you a glimps of where most of my ispiration with regards to play
  7. I played a very similar setup (trying to replicate the Gerrard-Torres and Mascherano-Alonso partnerships) and was experiencing some of the same problems as you. You can have some brilliant movement with the WBa behind the WPMs and a runner from the CM-position (players overlaping on both sides of the WPM). The get further forward PI can upset the balance in midfield so you may want to consider dropping the PI. If you still feel you're lacking movement from deep, try changing to a BBM... To get an even more balanced tactic try changing your FBa to a WBs or even a FBs. The fullback will st
  8. Hi. I'm managing Antwerp and have been under administration for about a season. Now the club is sold to a new owner, but I'm still under administration. Balance is about £ 3m. And debt is £ 30k... Is this a bug or just a matter of time?
  9. I’ve made a few changes to my tactic. I felt like it wasn’t playing the right way, and also struggled in attack. In lack of better words, it felt a bit forced in attack… I still haven’t lost in the league with my AC Milan team, think I’ve got something like 3 games to go and 30-31 wins in the league. The recent changes has made us more of an attacking threat, but also made us more vulnerable in defense. This is something I don’t like, and Chelsea hammered us 5-1 at Stamford Bridge. 3 goals were crosses from the left to front post, with Diego Costa finishing. The other 2 were Hazard cutting
  10. Is there any difference to TI/PI "tighter marking" and PPM "marks opponent tightly"?
  11. I think I didn't explain my reasoning behind the cover/stopper choice well enough. Having the deepest CM in front of the stopper looks like it reduces the space between defense and midfield. It's probably got more to do with the DLP than the DCx, but if an opponent passes the DLPd he steps right into the DCx, and the DLPd has time to recover. On the other side of defense I don't want my DCc to press too early because, if the opponent passes the WBa and DCx (if the DCs switched sides)i would have two defender on the opposite side unable to move over to defend the left side. Does this make sense
  12. What PPMs do you use? I have El Shaarawy set up with cuts inside and places shots. He's my top scoring WM, and should fit the profile of a wide goalscorer. I like the hold up play the DLF offers, just want the players around him to overlap and move in front of him, but I'll try removing the dribble less PI. Don't see the pressing as a problem in relation to the positioning of the DLF, from my point of view I think the WM is to deep when the DLF drops off. Also think my defensive strategy would suffer if I was to remove it... Kinda hoping for someone to tell me I'm wrong
  13. The past 3-4 years I’ve been playing different 4-3-3 variations, but back in FM08 I played a 4-4-1-1. In FM15 I wanted to go back to this formation, and having an AMC in the team. What made the tactic for me in FM08, was the dual DLP who dominated the opposition. Always picked up clearances, made the team click, taking their time to pick the right pass and offered a solid base both in attack and in defense. Roles, duties and PIs: GKd: I haven’t paid this position much attention because I don’t want the tactic to rely on a specific type of GK. I’ve given him PI “Distribute to FB” Right DC: T
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