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  1. It's the J4yZ skin (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/378582-SKIN-FM2014-j4y_z-s-Extended-Dark-Skin) with a different background
  2. Yes it's french. Milieu Centre (MC) = CM indeed. Gonna be difficult to buy him as i control Kaiserslautern.
  3. Unfortunately I don't control him but he's probably one of the best regen i've ever seen in Football Manager.
  4. Hi, the first bug is fix is the v2. For the match screen, you have just to delete the + Sports icon in the folder indicated in the first post.
  5. Good idea. V2 Skin Nuu. - Changement background - Changement police titlebar - Changement menubar - Correction box filter Screen 1 - Screen 2 - Screen 3 - Screen 4
  6. Ok, i will see for the kits
  7. Thanks. A V2 will be released
  8. Previews * * * Download from Mediafire Thank you to not redistribute this skin without my permission and change the link ! To change TV logos in match mod, choose your new channel logo in the folder nuu/graphics/icons/logos and rename it"Canal +.png" Thanks to Dazs8 for his mod..
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