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  1. You don't need to mess with the resource editor, there is a much faster way to achieve this.. Just download FMRTE (no license is required for this): - Open it - Load your game data - Find your club - Go to the 'Kits and Colours' tab - Press the 'Disable' button in the 'Custom Kits' zone (on the bottom) - Follow the instructions that FMRTE shows you.. This will create a new XML file in the right place that will disable the custom kit for your club.. You can easily turn the custom kits on again for this club by pressing that button again.. I don't want to start a FMRTE war in here, so please feel free to use the XML file that FMRTE generates to make your own guide/tutorial that might be useful for others.. Cheers
  2. FMRTE was never supported by SI..neither any other 3rd party tool.. More info about FMRTE for FM13 will be available soon in FMRTE website
  3. As FMRTE developer, my main goal is to make FMRTE work with the career mode of FM13 the same way it works with previous games, but at this time, I don't realy know if it will be possible, so we will have to wait for the game, so I can see what I can do.. About the new FMC game mode, well, honestly its not in my plans to make FMRTE work with it, why? There are several reasons, some of them are more technical stuff, as I suppose that there will be some differences in the FMC and career modes, that would require a lot of work for me to make it work.. Besides those 'technical' reasons, there are some 'ethical' issues that I have, as making FMRTE work with FMC I would be probably ruining the new business model that SI wants to introduce in their game. And honestly, even if it isn't illegal (probably it is, I don't really know, I am no lawyer) I wouldn't feel nice doing it, as I would feel like I was making some 'damage' and I don't like that idea. I would be (of course, it's not the same, but still..) feeling like I had cracked the game like crackers do when they release cracks so people can use pirated games, and I just don't like it
  4. miniFMRTE is a small app that shows you the player/staff/etc that you are viewing ingame... the attributes that miniFMRTE shows you are configurable, and yes, you can edit things (without a license)
  5. Swolo, I've updated both links (Windows/Mac) in FMRTE webpage
  6. Peter G, yes you are right, but I'm thinking in removing some restrictions in the next release, and viewing players from other teams will (probably) be possible, besides that miniFMRTE will work without any license
  7. By the way, I've decided that in the next release, miniFMRTE will be completely functional (you will be able so save) for users without license (this may change in future versions though)
  8. Ducce, unfortunatelly iFMRTE is far away from FMRTE for windows (featurewise), and with iFMRTE you can't edit human players.. This is a feature that i'll add probably in the next version
  9. Mungy FMRTE works best with the latest update of FM, but by the way, what have you edited in FMRTE that caused a game to crash? Anyway, just to warn some users, Inspiring/Healing some teams has a bug that can crash your game, if your team has players with player/staff attributes. T his bug will be fixed soon
  10. I suggest you to visit our facebook page to get info updated, That error message should be fixed in the 5.1.1 new version, you can download it from our website or facebook page. Thanks
  11. First, please update to the new 5.1.1 version, it fixed some bugs. Second, you can view all attributes of your club, your team players/staff etc, you just can't save changes with the free version..
  12. Hi, I'm aware of the new version, but unfortunatelly I won't be able to work on it until I finish some new features that I've been working on in the last few days... Atm, there is no release date, but, as usual, I hope that it won't take long News about the release date will be posted on our twitter/facebook page
  13. by 'based country' you mean list all players that play in that country?
  14. Atm its not possible, but I'll add it in a future version, with all those FM patches I spent all my 'FMRTE time' updating it, so I didn't have enough time to work on any new feature for iFMRTE...
  15. FMRTE v5.0.2 for FM12.0.4 RELEASED Download: http://www.fmrte.com I hope it works for more then a week this time.. Btw, in this version you can only use FMRTE in English, Portuguese or French (other languages will be added in the next version)
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