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  1. yeah I reported it in translation issues and you are right. But I also thought it was a funny screenshot so cross posted here.

    Sorry if I should have mentioned I had raised it as a bug.

    no sorry I wasn't saying it shouldn't be in here, its not unfunny! (the dots showed where I went and looked for the translation thread, not how they came across as a sarcastic way of showing how you should have done something differently)
  2. I think its just a badly worded piece of text.

    My guess would be it should really be he will no longer be ATTEMPTING killer through balls, implying that the coach wanted him to stop because the player thought he was some kind of passing genius but just gave the ball to the intercepting defender each time.

    It might be worth logging as a bug somewhere to see if I am right................ but I just went to find the right forum for you and see you have done so and got an answer already....

  3. nice!

    How'd you get the sky sports watermark, or did you photoshop that on after?

    Its actually a skin - but I'd also like to know where it can be downloaded from :)

    Maybe the skin you downloaded came with that added, but its a pack that exists seperate from a skin, and can be found on the first page of the skinning section of this forum


  4. ok this is starting to annoy me now. It wont let me add pics to posts, I have tried uploading from my comp, and urls from photobucket and tiny pic. Little help guys?
    I find the easiest is imgur. Upload a photo to imgur, and then once it is done it give you a 'forum code' which you just input as a post here, exactly as it is
  5. doesn't matter, Homesick players who have played there for many years is just rediculous, i had that same thing with Evra

    It isn't ridiculous at all.

    younger players may be excited by the challenge of being away from home, whereas when they get older, start having kids etc, they may want to go back to where they are from.

    It isn't the same kind of homesickness as a young player who can't cope with the change, but it is homesickness nonetheless.

    (As someone who has lived in 5 different countries in the last 5 years, I know how they feel)

  6. SI are not THAT big of a company. Chances are that small matters do hinder bigger ones every now and then.

    I still think both his point about different people doing different tasks, and recommending that bugs are reported are both valid ideas.

    you can see by who answers in various parts of the bugs forum that they do have different responsiblities, and I think they are capable of deciding for themselves what to devote their time to, bug report or not...

  7. From Wiktionary:

    "svengali (plural svengalis)

    One who manipulates or controls another as by some mesmeric or sinister influence; especially a coach, mentor or industry mogul."

    is this from a DB without real players?

    I do find it rather funny

    I just asked as if he was your character it wasn't so funny, but the fact he had a birth town made that unlikely, and then never having heard of him assumed it must be a fake DB. Now I can relax knowing it is indeed a funny quirk of the national 'first name' and 'surname' lists.

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