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  1. SCIAG: Jimbokav wouldn't and won't check the editor as he's LLM (and us LLaMas aren't meant to touch the thing with a 10 foot barge pole ) but you weren't to know that (just thought I'd mention it so you'd understand)
  2. I don't think reserve sides are allowed into the Senior Cups (or at least the Cheshire one) since the beginning of this season.
  3. Can't you tell that already by the stars? You just look for the highest possible combination using all your coaches.
  4. You can atm. You just try to sub him and it comes up with a message asking if you want to take him off even without a replacement.
  5. - Managers should be able to give contracts with options for extension (eg. extra year if player plays more than 20 matches) as this is often used i real life but isn't in the game. - Regens should have more favored personel: maybe someone they look up to in the senior squad or one of their mates from the youth team - Spanish teams should have U18 teams (Juvenil A and B) as well as B + C teams - More players released by clubs should drop down the divisions instead of just retiring as you'd never see old professionals or ex premiership youth players dropping down to Conference North/South on the game whilst it happens in real life. - Managers of high profile clubs should get more players offered to them by agents as this happens in real life and managers should be able to control agents fees like in real life.
  6. The option to start a game with all attributes hidden. This would mean that scouts would have to be used and you could select players on form rather than if they've got good stats. At the moment if a youth player is playing very well I consider putting him in the first team but the stats are always to low so I don't. It would make it harder but more realistic.
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