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  1. Even when you win you can't let it go, obsessed. Talking rubbish as well.
  2. Sack another good coach so you can hire another good coach and ruin him too? When will you realise the problems at Newcastle are like 5% of the managers, 10% of the players, 50% the board/owner/ and 50% the fans. It's basic math.
  3. My favourite sy moment was when he went on a wenger rant based off an april fools article, then when pointed out to him, went on a rant about it again not seeming to care that it was all false.
  4. can you imagine the arsenal thread with pires, ajw, sy and vandyke all at their peak.
  5. you better watch out, pistol pete knows people with guns
  6. No. There's no way he's outraged at the "yido" comment, it's faux outrage probably because that poster has called him an idiot before, because you know, he's an idiot. Context matters as well. Like those people who try to stop the Spurs fans calling themselves Yiddo's.
  7. Oh she's one of those contrarian idiots? Send Chris Brown around.
  8. First time I've read a Winter article, never again. I knew he was a **** from Sunday Supplement though.
  9. Pretty dumb since most people in NK will know this isn't true. They get quiet a bit of legit non NK news.
  10. You can remove the "England" part.
  12. yeah I don't get why people moan about it, it's a competitive football game in the Summer, what else are you going to watch, Big Brother? You can just ignore it as well.
  13. From the laws of the game I just downloaded. I believe most refs wait for the ball to completely stop moving before deciding a penalty kick has been completed. So Vlaar's would have been a goal if the ball hadn't hit him after the save and the ball went over the line.
  14. England have beaten both in a war so by default we win.
  15. well said that man. As for Netherlands...
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