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  1. A Post with information regarding a system. It is my final submission regarding the discussion of tactics from a post that's been closed called something something something Darkside - sorry - defensivist.
  2. Using Sweeper Keeper could well be appropriate - if your using a half-back you should be playing a pressing/control based game with a higher line - which gives space for the sweeper keeper to work in - your half-back will push the CD's further up the pitch and whilst I never tried half-back & sweeper-keeper in conjunction - in theory it could work quite well. A DLP-D won't effect your defensive line - and wont drop behind the defence as the half-back does. (Does this information also qualify as being useless and pointless CLEON - given it contains information pertinent to the game - Just
  3. Just a quick note regarding 5-4-1 tactics detailed in my closed post. In the control formation, slightly wider & PASS INTO SPACE. In the Counter version - PASS INTO SPACE & Balanced. So all the information missed from the original post below is above I think - I reserve the right to remember something else. Okay, 5-4-1 for Xmas dinner eh? Slow, slightly higher, fluid, , control - expressmore and roam more - close down keeper, play outta defence, look for overlap, work into box, close down more You'll need one keeper - set to slow it down and distribute to your Libero - he's set t
  4. Okay, 5-4-1 for Xmas dinner eh? Slow, slightly higher, fluid, , control - expressmore and roam more - close down keeper, play outta defence, look for overlap, work into box, close down more You'll need one keeper - set to slow it down and distribute to your Libero - he's set to support - the only change to the standard ti's for your Lib-S is Tackle Harder - Make this easy on me - everyone tackles harder. Into the mix we throw a couple of CD-D's and then a DLP-D Next we need two WB's-S, these guys need to be wider, run wide with ball, shoot less, x more, from byline - they neither dribble m
  5. If your insisting on playing with ents your gonna have to sit really deep cause of the lack of pace. When your tight marking your likely not marking anything with fire because that could be disasterous. So you want to tight mark to block shots - your gonna be too close if your ents tight marking to see a shot - what'll happen is the quick pacy whatever will receive the pass - one touch it round your swarming ent turn and leave your ent for dead and possibly on fire. Then your swarm of forrests is gone and they're thru on goal - if you leave a little space between your ent and the firey thin
  6. Yeah - that'll be the back 5 that I suggested mate - and of course your not gonna use the "4-2-3-1" that EVERYONE uses nowadays, your gonna try and defend with the 4-3-3 Wide that everyone uses nowadays ain't you - EXPLETIVE DELETED Of course, there's the fact that there is a massive difference between 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1 when your 4-4-2 has 2 DM's like I'm pretty sure I suggested as well - so your complete refusal of to use the 4-2-3-1 is perfectly sane. "@JaYmZeE Is it really that harmful? FM's man-marking engine is one of the great mysteries to me. I put on tighter marking, because in many
  7. Sweet mate - glad it's working out. So often - the slightest little change makes the difference your looking for - sussing out the ME is perfect for obsessives!
  8. I'm starting to wonder if you and your defender forrest have escaped from some institution. I came here initially to help you - or at least point out how it was your shortcomings and inability to understand FM's ME that was the problem - nothing to do with the game. I never came here to lecture you on how superb my system is - After telling you that it was your inadequecies and not the games, I started speaking to someone cool and that lead to the discussion of defensive tactics and then on to mine - none of that was aimed at you at all - you only got my attention when you returned with your
  9. Never mind the fact you needed third party mods to make it any use whatsoever - style over substance sums it up, under no circumstance would I swap.
  10. Eh, not much different. High Tempo, Slightly Deeper, Stay on Feet, close down sometimes, be more disciplined, stick to positions, short passing (change to mixed if you like) - Counter & Flexible. Oh and Balanced from Slightly wider in my control set-up. CD-D, CD-C, CD-D WB-S DM-D WB-S BB-S BB-S AM-S DLF-A The wing-backs get all the instructions removed - so their just standard. Pretty much it. Nothing pretty about this system, there's not much in the way of nice football to look at, but it's effective enough - and you can change the two CM's -
  11. The AC Milan side of Baresi & Maldini etc played some of the lowest tempo short passing football your ever likely to see. Whilst they were with no doubt the best at their peak, I'd credit the success with the individuals in the system rather than anything to do with the tactic itself. Barcelona high-tempo short passing bares little or no similarity to italian football of that era. They're system was all about holding possesion and the slowest most patient build up you could imagine and certainly didn't involve pumping balls into the opponents box. Jock Stein said it best - there's no s
  12. They are willing to die for each other and I've got decent appropriate players in every position - they do seem to be greater than the sum of there parts though - I'm having much fun! Had success with a pretty offensive 5-2-3 as well - only annoying thing about that was the constant messages from my assistant telling me we were being over run in midfield even though we had 65% possession and were 3-0 up. Lots of goals with the 5-2-3, but suspect when your away against decent opposition and doesn't really lend itself to being the kind of formation for absorbing given no DMs' and three striker
  13. Changing the central CD into a sweeper seems to push em forward and wider as well - but havent tested that for ages.
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