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  1. sorry for the double post one idea is when you resign you can give reasons for leaving 'personal problems' 'dislike of a certain player who has too much power in the club ie shearer' even 'club isnt big enough to achieve success' and these would all go down on your mangerial C.V when you apply for other jobs
  2. some great ideas on here! more interaction is definatley needed with players and staff. One thing I would like to see is MANAGERS PLAYER OF THE YEAR where you can pick out a player that you believe preformed outstanding in that season/year. This could involve the player thanking you and maybe other players having a PR saying 'Thinks the Manager has favorites among the players' ect ect Maybe a rating for how much the media rate you as a manager or like you,which could result in them constantly houding you in the press on your decisions in the tranfer market and other things and if the like you them constantly putting your name forward for other job vacancies
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