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  1. Great! Did you update the Central American & Caribbean Leagues, too?
  2. Think I found the reason why Level 9 teams won't be selected for FA Vase: It depends on the setup in the advanced rules for the FA Vase. Under 'teams' all the leagues are listed out of which teams should qualify for the Vase. But they seem to be included due to the order from top to bottom. Unfortunately leagues listed at the bottom don't send teams to the Vase. I tested it an changed the order by listing level 9 leagues to the top positions and level 11 teams to the bottom. After that all level 9 team were in the FA Vase but no teams from the (I think) least 18 leagues listed at the bottom.
  3. Hi Dan! You did a great Job here, i really appreciate that! Tested the L12-Version with FA Cup, Trophy, Vase & League Cups holidaying for some saisons with focus on Levels 9-11. Promotion/relegation seems to work fine. Wondering about FA Vase: Level 11 teams always seem to come from Central Midland Football League (CMPN, CMPS). Is that intended? And there is no competion history for FA Vase.
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