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    A Football manger addict, have a season ticket for celtic football club up in scotland.

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    Celtic FC
  1. I've just purchased football Manager 13, I had had every release since the champ man days and even bought 2 copies of some after the cd broke. This in my humble opinion is the worst installment I have played, there is no rhyme or reason to anything that happens in this game. If I don't change my squad no matter how tired, I stand a good chance of winning, even with players at 40-50% fitness I continue to win, as soon as I swap one player out, I go on a loosing streak. Winning a game 3-0, make a sub at 75 minutes get beat 4-3. have a team meeting and the team start arguing, assistant manager continually telling to praise this or that player for them to disagree most of the time. Team talks and personal talks ineffective, barley ever a reaction unless I win a game. Cannot see the condition , player rating of my players during matches due to the info box that appears during a match (i use split screen), need to turn it off to see this info. Most of my screen is taken up by blank spaces and I need to continually switch pages to get the information I find interesting and important. I have moved Celtic into the championship, as I do every time. In Europe I beat Sporting Lisbon 5-1 at home, got beat narrowly by Real Madrid 3-2 away with 10 men and beat Ajax 1-0 at home, I play 4-1-4-1 in Europe and it works, same formation and set up I used in FM11 & FM12. Use the same formation in the championship and I get spanked, 3 games in a row in between games in Europe get defeated in all of them. Got a decent team as well, not spectacular but I should not be loosing some of the games in the way I am loosing. The 3d pitch view is infuriating players running around like headless chickens, what is the point of this if it is not accurate, cannot get any player faces without signing up for premium accounts at file hosting websites., have no idea why SI do not host these picture packs made by fans to make it easier to get a hold of them. Do not understand why club and competition icons are not standard. I would even pay extra for the picture packs. Again in my humble opinion, SI have bitten off more than they can chew with this match engine, I spent loads of time on tactics, set pieces, making sure the players I have in each position have the correct stats for that position, compare my players to the top team's in the league to make sure I am competitive and it stands for nowt as a roll of the dice is taken for every game. Every time a bid comes in for my player he wants a new contract after it, scouts constantly scout players outwith the financial restraints of the club, agent fee's are ridiculous, got agents getting a better singing on fee than players, would love an option to remove agents completely. Would an agent seriously get in the way of a transfer because he wants 25k and I am offering 15k, what would he tell his client, the club was not willing to pay me an extra ten grand, so you cannot go to Celtic and get an extra 3k per week. I have FM for Iphone and for pc and I am disappointed in both, first time I've ever wanted to return an FM game, love the look of the game, love some of the extra feature, chief Scout and giving him the job of setting scouting assignments, love the pa settings, love being able to hire a reserve manager and under 18's manager. Love you can drag a player around the park and it shows you potential positions in red, amber green "Super Green". Lots of great features and additions, but is just totally destroyed by this new match engine, I heard you were changing and decided to hold back purchasing the new game, thought it was fixed, but can see it is not. if I cannot return this then I think I'll skip FM14 until you get this new match engine tight or go back to FM 12's.
  2. This is good, I would love this as well, especially when you take over a new club and fire the old coaches and take on an entire new back room staff, have to go into each coach and offer them a new contract one by one.
  3. Fans and board take into consideration staus of the competition before telling you they are not happy with the performance. Too many times the board or the fans are not happy I loose to a weaker team in Europe even if I have already qualified for the last 16, I always play weakened teams if I am through to the next stage of the competition or have won the competition. Win the league with 3 games to go I will give the 2nd team some games and get slated for getting beat 1-0 even though I have my reserves out. Scouting needs an overhaul, if I have asked a scout to scout a region or country am not interested in players they know cannot improve the squad. Coaches take into consideration the number of back room staff you are allowed before making suggestion of adding further back room staff. The option of using transfer funds to sign coaches and scouts or to make upgrades to stadium or training facilities before taking out a loan. Auto reports from coaches in charge of under 19's and reserves from players constantly performing well. Not interested in player is unhappy about training, they can hand in a transfer request. If a player has back-up, don't complain about lack of first team action. Realistic transfer bids, got the likes of man city offering me £2.4 million for a young player I bought for £3m and they want £17m for one of theirs. Fabregas went to Barca for £35m and in FM they want £150m. As soon as you or a team get relegated or promoted your rep changes so you can instantly take advantage when putting offers for players in, too many players reject to talk to me even if I have just been promoted, need to wait for the leagues to change before you can talk to me becuase my team is still in npl1 or championsip even if I have won promotion.
  4. I've never managed or wanted to Manage Rangers, I don't even hire staff that have previously been at Rangers, would never buy any player who has ever played for Rangers! I wouldn't sell a player who played for a team I choose to manage just for that reason though. I've had Gatusso, Michael Ball and a few others in teams I've chosen to manage or teams I've taken over.
  5. Hello, I have honestly looked through the forums to find an answer but I cannot seem to locate anyone else asking this question at all? I have changed the colour of player stats as per below <!-- profile attribute colours --> <colour name="low attribute" red="128" green="128" blue="128" /> <colour name="normal attribute" red="255" green="255" blue="145" /> <colour name="good attribute" red="255" green="255" blue="0" /> <colour name="excellent attribute" red="0" green="255" blue="0" /> <colour name="special attribute" red="157" green="212" blue="238" /> I have change the threshold for Low, Normal, Good and Excellent stats as per below <!-- attribute colouring --> <integer id="exca" value="16" /> <!-- excellent threshold --> <integer id="excn" value="14" /> <!-- normal threshold --> <integer id="excl" value="10" /> <!-- low threshold --> however, when I search for a player and change the view to say attributes > Goalkeeping the threshold of the stats is the default, It's not a massive problem, but I keep thinking I've found the next big thing for buttons, then when I click on profile it brings up my threshold and they are pants. Would much appreciate it if someone can help me. I've changed the attribute threshold on the following files player attributes panel.xml, player attributes panel OVERVIEW.xml, player attributes panel SMALL.xml and non player profile.xml I assume I need to change it somewhere else, but I have no idea where. Many thanks for your assistance.
  6. reload skin doesn't work

    Thanks Michael, I'll try this tonight, I have to admit there were FMF files, but I am pretty sure I have cleaned all of them out when I was tidying up my graphics in the hope that would help. I think you must be correct though, because if I rename the graphics folder, it allows me to change the skin no problem. I have another question for you, but I'll put it in the correct thread.
  7. reload skin doesn't work

    My game keeps crashing when ever I make a change in the preferences Display tab, keeps telling me I am running low on memory and then I have ran out, I have plenty hard drive space and plenty ram, I have almost 2 gb of ram SPARE when FM2012 is running. I can't play it with the bright skin. I've tried just changing the skin colour to FM2012 dark and I've tried to install a different skin. the different skin is found, but the same problem happens. I would like to add the problem happens when I add new player graphis or club logo's, but when I restart the game the changes are in effect, so I do not mind. Can anyone assist, I can provide screen shots if you wish.
  8. Fickle fans!!

    I just got pumped 3-1 away to seville in the champions league and teh celtic fans thought that was very poor! Our away from the CL is mince. Also says Samaras should have started ahead of Fortune (Who was subbed in for the inj) or james vuaghan. Samaras is no target man!
  9. under rated players ?

    He's 19 finishing on mine and I'm on the month of november! I agree, all the player stats are muddled. rooney finishing 15, Torres 17, scotland 19??