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  1. Question is - how do you define "succeed"? Does winning the league title year after year make you a good manager, and some one who help save a club from relegation a so-so kind of manager? Or someone who guided a team up to the top flight from a lower leagues, but had never won the premier league or champions league considered an "average" kind of manager?
  2. When I started I tried to be Brendon Rogers, hope to bring glory days back to Anfield. Then I realised I achieved much better than him - I have 7 EPL trophies, 2 CLs and 1 FA Cup in my cabinet
  3. They were probably watching a different match on their iPads
  4. yup.. I have signed both Lazar Markovic and Emre Can for my Liverpool save before BR did IRL during this August window. But I was hesitance on Balloteli ... and eventually I thought .. nah he wouldn't fit in with Suarez
  5. Remember the FIFA Manager? I once bought FIFA Manager 06 years ago and its utterly crap. I read that the series is dead now
  6. To those who had played beyond the next 50 years or further, had any nation outside Europe or South American ever won the World Cup? Just curious how biased SI is in coding the future in the game
  7. Yup.. you are right. My 1st elevens were all burnt out after more than 120mins of play on Thur in the 3rd round Capital One cup tie with Man U, eventually crashing out on penalties. I probably made a wrong decision there. Should have prioritise the PL match with Leeds over the league cup and probably would have gotten the 3 points instead of none. Yeah a couple of games were postponed matches, but I think the way the game arranged the fixtures with the rescheduled matches is a bit crazy ... 4 games in 8 days !!
  8. Just had a terrible 2 weeks of super congested fixtures, with matches in between only 2 or 3 days. And some of these are tough games against Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal & a CL tie with Dortmund. Yeah ... my away form sucks. Anyway, I thought this issue (ridiculous congested fixtures) had been fixed?
  9. Carlos Fierro is having one hell of a season in my current save (incidentally also with Liverpool), banging in goals almost freely. I am playing 4-2-3-1, Fierro as a Poacher, with Coutinho just behind him as an AP, and 2 wingers or IFs depending on players. I have another striker, Yassine Benzia, a France international in my save, also scores loads of goal. Wonder any one got him in your game?
  10. Thanks Jimbo. You probably have a valid point here, but I have not tried it either. Someone above mentioned he had seen it, I mean taking the ball to the corner flag, though he didn't mention it was his own team or the AI's
  11. I started my current and only Liverpool save last Oct when the FM14 demo released, before I bought the full game. I played only in 3D extended highlight mode. I am just about to finish my 10th season with 6 matches to go. So, I'll leave it to you to do the maths how long it takes for me to finish a season on average
  12. How about this? One of your key player scores a goal in the dying seconds of a match, removes his shirt in celebration, gets a yellow and he's going to sit out the next crunch match against one of the Big 5 for reaching the cards limit. Anyone seen shirt removing celebration? Haha ... unless the player got a six pack as good as CR7
  13. I always enjoy it when I watched on TV Fergie showing the fourth official his watch deep into injury time. Maybe they should synchronise the managers' watch with that of the referees/officials
  14. Has anyone seen players, either own team or opposing team, taking the ball to the corner flags to run down the clock towards the end of the match?
  15. Hope any tweaks by SI to this would be moderate. Frankly I am fine with it now. I do not want my keeper to get injured during matches every other week, just like my outfield players. Injury frequency to outfield players seems to be high in Fm14, at least in my save. Well .. probably its due to my high-tempo tactics, but I still think its rather high
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