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  1. http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Basic_Setup_and_Installation_of_DosBox#Installation Don't know how to edit.
  2. #Sack the boss, sack the boss, sack the boss. Sack the boss, sack the boss, sack the bohhh-oss. Sack the boss, sack the boss, sack the boss... Sack the bo-oss. Sack. The. Boooosssss.#
  3. You search for players under a particular age (like 17) each season. What do the faces have to do with anything?
  4. You could turn off your firewall and/or anti-virus until you finish downloading, that worked for me.
  5. Your lack of faith in people under a certain age is disappointing. I know people like to go on about an 'obesity epidemic' but come on now.
  6. Surely this is realistic. Physical ability and technical ability are not connected in that way in real life, so shouldn't be in the game.
  7. Wow, I've never experienced those. Surely that was before the final patch. Not at all. Like you said it's only two years old and people are still palying it regularly, we're not talking from memory, at least some of us are talking from playing it every day/few days currently.
  8. FM 07 is solid and consistent. FM 09 suffers from some pretty bad bugs (to be expected before a final patch) and is in its first year of a new match, transfer and media system, so it's never going to be GREAT. FM 08 also had bugs and unbalanced regens. So both games suffer in long-term careers and in the match engine. FM 07 has a sleek match engine that pretty much never shows a bug. On the odd occasion there's an odd 'pass' or a clearence when holding the ball and dribbling would've been smarter, but that can be attributed to composure and such. Anyway basically, FM 07 is 99% bug free, has a much-closer-to-realistic transfer system, a consistent and smooth match engine and long term games that can go for millenia.
  9. By "slow and steady towards the top", I was hoping you meant of non-league football or thereabouts. Silly me, this is FM we're talking about.
  10. I used to do it and be superstitious. One season, I decided to stop it and won the Premiership and Champions League. The lesson is: hovering your cursor does jack. I keep it to the left away from the pitch, under Split View in the menu and above the sliders though, so it's not getting in the way of anything.
  11. "Multiple" being one other poster, hmm. Take a look through the thread and you'll find me remarking on the OP's game etc.. And hey, even the post you're whining about was remarking on the OP's game. And you have still yet to show where I said something negative about the OP. If you weren't being such a troll you would've seen the quote you brought up was me suggesting addiction can not be a problem. Jeebus Crust...ok, maybe it'll work if I ask nicely: Stop being so simple, please. And while I'm at it, stop creating arguments that didn't exist in the first place (or troll), k? Moving on to the original topic...
  12. You have yet to show me a quote where I said a negative thing about him. If you can't, shush. If you think raising a debate is the same as going to one side/point of view in that very debate, I suggest you stop being so simple.
  13. I don't want an argument. And even if I did, what more can I say? The answer is just no. Your daily life may be dictated by things that don't really matter, doesn't mean every else's is. Let's move on, shall we? I'd rather not ruin the thread. Or do you want to pull something else out your butt?
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