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  1. I thought I'd try someone elses tactic this season after winning my first title since Rangers return. I won my first 3 games before a draw and a defeat. Things looked a little shakey. I have a team full of teenagers I've just signed, promising players for the future, so I wasn't expecting much in a CL group including Real Madrid, Man Utd, and Genk. Third place at best I thought. 21 wins in a row later, including winning all 5 of my CL games so far (including Real Madrid home and away), and I'm absolutely flying. The tactic is actually very direct football through the centre of the park. I
  2. I've tried to find one to no avail. I've rarely had a 5 star coach. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  3. Great job. I hope Steam pay you for this since they get all the hits and all the credit. It would be well deserved.
  4. Looks great. Will it be out before Christmas? It will make a nice addition to all those FM presents. A lot lot (lot...) better than the skin that comes with the game. I'm surprised they don't employ you to do the skin for them. You're clearly better at it than those that currently do it (sorry guys, I say it as I see it).
  5. Computers cannot be completely random, they need (sometimes) complex equations. The programmers obviously do their best and it's the only PC game I ever buy. I do think we could do with more official database updates but that's for another thread.
  6. I haven't played FM in several months due to the lack of a skin with a tree menu. I hope the next version is easier for skin-makers to create these skins.
  7. Touchy aren't we? I offered advice without emotion. I clearly do not know you so have no way of knowing your personal circumstances so no need for the attitude. Grow up. I wish your family memebr all the best, get well soon.
  8. Would it not be a good idea to replace the download with the working version so that everyone that downloads does not need to waste time reading about and then fixing the downloaded file?
  9. I have to say TB that since you updated the OP and I followed it (particularly the teamtalks) v6 has went from very good to sensational.
  10. Up to you. Persoanlly I put all their attacking players on weaker foot, and if they are a good team then I put their midfielders on to close down always. Works for me.
  11. Has anyone else found this? At home I found the tactic excellent, I've now taken 39 points from 42 games. Only defeat was to Arsenal who, even in 2013, seem amazingly good (they have only dropped 8 points in 27 games (4 draws)). Anyway v6 had me struggling away from home so I had stopped using it by December. I have been messing about with it to create an away tactic. Basically it's just a little more defensive. I've won four away games in a row with it. Make that five, just won at Benfica.
  12. This might be what your looking for. First post. http://www.fmnorge.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=151&t=9705
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