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  1. Touchy aren't we? I offered advice without emotion. I clearly do not know you so have no way of knowing your personal circumstances so no need for the attitude. Grow up. I wish your family memebr all the best, get well soon.
  2. Would it not be a good idea to replace the download with the working version so that everyone that downloads does not need to waste time reading about and then fixing the downloaded file?
  3. I have to say TB that since you updated the OP and I followed it (particularly the teamtalks) v6 has went from very good to sensational.
  4. Up to you. Persoanlly I put all their attacking players on weaker foot, and if they are a good team then I put their midfielders on to close down always. Works for me.
  5. Has anyone else found this? At home I found the tactic excellent, I've now taken 39 points from 42 games. Only defeat was to Arsenal who, even in 2013, seem amazingly good (they have only dropped 8 points in 27 games (4 draws)). Anyway v6 had me struggling away from home so I had stopped using it by December. I have been messing about with it to create an away tactic. Basically it's just a little more defensive. I've won four away games in a row with it. Make that five, just won at Benfica.
  6. This might be what your looking for. First post. http://www.fmnorge.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=151&t=9705
  7. At home I've only dropped points to Arsenal so far, 27/30. (v6) Away I've only taken 13 from 27. I'll try a 4-1-4-1 by moving a CF back to DM unless someone has a better idea?
  8. I have not dropped a point at home so far with v6 but my away form is letting me down. Any tips please?
  9. In your training schedule wingers have no shooting practice. Can I ask your reasons behind this?
  10. Just about to start the 2012/13 season. I've just finished my highest position in my British League of third. Can Piranha lead me to the title? Watch this space.
  11. I have to say I left your tactic to try another from this forum. I took 9 points from 8 games. I'm back now surprise surprise. A win in the first game back. Edit: I know I say I like a change but i like winning more. 4 wins in a row since I returned. Nice to get back to winning ways.
  12. I played at least one season with all the tactics. Version 5 is a poor one. The rest have been great.
  13. I'm in December in my game. I created a British league and started with Rangers in the Championship. I'm in the middle of an injury crisis and am struggling to stay top with version 4 (hopefully version 5 will impress me more as I feel version 3 has been the best so far). Teams are breathing down my neck with games in hand to take them above me.
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