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  1. I thought I'd try someone elses tactic this season after winning my first title since Rangers return. I won my first 3 games before a draw and a defeat. Things looked a little shakey. I have a team full of teenagers I've just signed, promising players for the future, so I wasn't expecting much in a CL group including Real Madrid, Man Utd, and Genk. Third place at best I thought. 21 wins in a row later, including winning all 5 of my CL games so far (including Real Madrid home and away), and I'm absolutely flying. The tactic is actually very direct football through the centre of the park. I have a very good feeling about this tactic. I'm certainly punching well above my weight just now. Just lost the next game but it's the best it doesn't change the fact it is a good set of tactics.
  2. I've tried to find one to no avail. I've rarely had a 5 star coach. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  3. Great job. I hope Steam pay you for this since they get all the hits and all the credit. It would be well deserved.
  4. Looks great. Will it be out before Christmas? It will make a nice addition to all those FM presents. A lot lot (lot...) better than the skin that comes with the game. I'm surprised they don't employ you to do the skin for them. You're clearly better at it than those that currently do it (sorry guys, I say it as I see it).
  5. Computers cannot be completely random, they need (sometimes) complex equations. The programmers obviously do their best and it's the only PC game I ever buy. I do think we could do with more official database updates but that's for another thread.
  6. I haven't played FM in several months due to the lack of a skin with a tree menu. I hope the next version is easier for skin-makers to create these skins.
  7. Whenever you talk with your friends about players you talk about what they earn each week. IRL the players probably talk about their annual salary. Weekly is just easier to work with for us mere mortals (although admittedly most of us are probably paid monthly nowadays).
  8. I haven't managed one of the major clubs (eg.Real, Bayern etc) but I have built up through the leagues and had the crazy wage demands that occur over the years. For me I've just broke the £100K per week barrier.
  9. So consistency can change as they get older. What about Important Matches/Big-game-player?
  10. I just carried on playing, but I was never given a return date. Eventually he got fit. So rather than him being permanently injured it's a case of a glitch on the interface. It never did tell me how long he would be injured for (just blank where it should have told me under 'injuries'). My physio was no help, and the 'game genie' I downloaded in the hope it would heal him (but didn't as it's merely a scout) just kept saying two months and then adding 2 months on to the date in the game.
  11. I have a player who won't heal. It's the first time I've had this problem in the many (many) hours I have played. Is there an ingame editor whereupon I can heal the player as he should have been fit by now but has not even started treatment?
  12. So no team can win the second tier (whatever they call it). Champions of only two divisions, the top and bottom, as the middle divison just play for a top 4 finish before likely getting relegated in the same season back to where they started. Once a top 4 slot is sealed they may as well play the youth team to avoid injuries, absolutely no point trying to finish top. Utter craziness.
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