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  1. ..this patch is worse than previous because i tough score goals but my opponent have easy score,
  2. Pressing is still ********...two my players are leaving them position and run on 1 opponent and then is place behind them, will you fix this???
  3. after patch we have bug... my player have throw in and throw direct to opposition player who run on my goal and scores
  4. Another stupid run and pressing of my 2 players side by side on one opponent 63.minute Middlesbrough v Swansea.pkm
  5. Isaac Simmons will anyone answer on my suggestions? Vorskla v Milan.pkm 86.29-corona long ball to opponent 83.37-opponent have lon ball and my player caldara have stupid run to player who have ball and he leaves his player unmarked and alone 87.12-opponent have 2 players in box alone while my 3 players are watching 1 opponent...
  6. Fiorentina v Milan.pkm so we go with long stupid passes but i have set on short passing 54.56-bonaventura have biglia to pass him but he pass long ball 30meters to opposition player 62.27-corona pass long ball to higuain-he misses 1 on 1-lol 80.32-conti pass long to opposition player 82.04-bonaventura long to higuain-he misses 1 on 1 again
  7. Again problem with players... Caldara want 1 team and players are supportive... From 12 played games he playes 4... i dont know how you didnt fix bugs like this...
  8. Anyone? I have more issues. I am in 2 place in serie a , leading in europa league, rotate players always but now 3 of them want me to leave and say that i have lost support of dressing room!? How can it be? Played 9 games-0 losses Players who are unhappy Musacchio-played 7 games CAlabria-2 plus 1 Bonaventura-7 Montolivo-2 plus 1
  9. Olympiacos v Milan.pkm Please check 67.06 minute and you will see that 2 players run on 1 opponent player- stupid run and then in second part of action you will see some stupid reaction of my players and what stupid reaction of goalkeeper and stupid goal
  10. Middlesbrough v Birmingham.pkm Please check the 26.47 minutes and 87.53 minutes and pressing of players. My 3 players are run like stupid for ball and leave open spaces... this is very often...
  11. Milan v Torino.pkm Please check the goal of torino 61 minute. And how i receive goal, my players reaction. Please check my corners and how my players reacted on it,the ball always go to opponent which is in 18m from goal and around him is 3 my players but my players run in different direction then ball is going
  12. I have very short passes set. but my players always try long ball to attacker, this is very bad, you didnt fix this...In one game 3 goals are deep ball behind defence milimetar precision..lol Please fix passing, this is very important but in this fm 2019 is very poor i have million prove
  13. Please check this goals, every game there si few flipper goals and strange players movement, please check the goals and I want your opinion In next game: i lead 2-0 and in 3 minutes again flipper and 2 funny goals, my players are watching and score final is 2-2 Another 1-0 leaf to 88 minute and then again FLIPPER beter team but nice lose And look for this nice goal,and my perfect keeper
  14. I dont now what have you done but this ME is awful,bad and i can use and worse words. In 10 games in 2nd EL i was far better team in every game but i have won only 3 games 2 was draw and 5 games was defeat i have scored only 5 goals and receive 12 goals, but i have every single game much more shoot on goal and possession and better players attributes. This ME sucks, i m very angry on your testers, you should sack them because this is not good business
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