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  1. World cup has finnished in that date....so i dont see why they took out 2 leg
  2. I must report bug. I played 1 knockout faze Euro cup after I pass group faze and there is only one game!? no second leg. How is that possible?
  3. They should call him some different example JUVE or J.TORINO ... not Zebra like in the ZOO
  4. Hi, i want to ask if FM 2020 will have some competition like e-sports, or online playing league like with 20 other people, online hall of fame and so one... so i want to know have you move up online on another level or it is the same? Thanks
  5. Hi, I want to ask if you can release editor with BETA ? Because some of want to set up players points as they think is real. Is possible that you do this? When will beta be released? Thanks
  6. here is my crash... i m very annoyed i want my money back!!, i didnt save 1 month, and now is all lost...thank you fm...thank you, i pay the game i cant play normaly
  7. I start new game and now i can find my tactics which I used in beta. The tactic is there in tactic folder with ext. .tac, but when i want to use it the box is empty!!! Please answer i still have problem with editor on which you didnt answer.
  8. When i start the game there is black screen with white box for about 1 minutes and then game normal start...please correct this bug on start up the game
  9. My fm 2016 start for 3 minutes ..is that normlal? i have i u procesor and 8gb ram...wind.10...how to speed up computer performance to play fm 2016?
  10. Hi, i play fm 2016 when he comes out (i bought original). But aprox 1 month ago when i double click on fm 2016 icon it start black screen and mouse pointer have shape of ring. When i wait aprox. 20 minutes nothing happened. But when i after double click fm 2016 go ctrl+alt+delete and task manager is opened then it start fm alone of it self. What is the problem? Everything was normal about month ago. I tried uninstall fm 2016 but is the same. Please help
  11. What about Croatia national team fixtures? Fixtures is not like in real life...Last game in fm is Italy and that was not a case in real life
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