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  1. Any rough idea as to what time we can expect/hope to see it? I have to sit backstage at a ballet competition from midday to 9pm and this being released in the morning would be a lifesaver for me!
  2. You’ve lived there long enough now mate to surely speak the language........... I can’t believe I’ve stumbled into you in this forum. WSIHE
  3. Hoping someone can answer...... I’ve skipped FM this year due to less game playing time, but I’m going to make the switch to FMT for 19. In the past I always used to add logos as kits etc into FM and would always get rid of the German National Team issue by editing the files. Is it possible to do both of these things on FMT on the iPad? cheers!
  4. Thanks for the quick response guys, appreciate it.
  5. I'm sure I saw a hint about how to do this appear in game but I can't remember. Thanks!
  6. Ah ok. In all these years I've never even considered that issue. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Morning all. Ive always played with a multitude of leagues set as "playable" even when I play a one team, long term save. Was thinking this this time around of still having a large database set, my countries full league system set but the other leagues loaded but as view only? i assume this will speed up processing times in the game? I know I can add leagues within a save so apart from being able to manage in different countries should jobs come up, if running a one club save would I lose out in much else? thanks in advance
  8. Thanks for the reply Kubi, appreciate it. I'll give that a try.
  9. I'm guessing its got to be an issue with my laptop but wanted to check. All the games I play the stands are empty apart from the stewards. 3D is running nice and smooth. Last night I had 57k fans in Celtic Park but the ground was empty. Any advice appreciated.
  10. Never purchased with BETA before, usually get a little after release. I see CDkeys have it for a decent price. Are they reliable? If not anywhere else at a similar price and reliable? Thanks.
  11. Thinking ahead to christmas. Do we know if FMM will be available on this device? Any advice appreciated!
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