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  1. Yes. We had some trouble with grammar and spelling before but I spent around 3 hours a couple of days ago trying to fix it all so I may have missed some.
  2. Just a little update for you guys - The guide is going in Fm Britains New year FM newsletter which can be found here: http://www.fm-britain.co.uk/newsletter
  3. Ty, still as cocky as ever I see. Sorry, I didn't know he was a troll as I haven't been in the GD for ages. Thanks for the feedback by the way.
  4. Glad you agree with me. What the Mancini incident was trying to get across is the need for rules to keep players in their places.
  5. I would agree and disagree with your first opinion. The guide obviously can't cover every single situation that arises in FM. Although what the guide does do is explain the main aspects of the game and explain how to use them well. For example, the press conference section has really helped me play recently, so much that my media handling stat grew to 100% in around 1 month. What the press conference section does is give you the information you need to handle press conferences well. What it doesn't do is tell you how to answer every question. On the Mancini subject, whether he was wrong is debatable but I think you'll find most people agree with me and the guide on this subject. By the way, if you like the guide please post it on twitter. We're trying to raise awareness as we'd like all FM'ers to have the guide as we believe it is an extremely useful resource!
  6. Some of the information is pretty basic at the start of some articles, but it does get more in depth. Each guide offers a range of guides, basic information, hints and tricks.
  7. Thanks for all the nice comments and feedback. On the topic of there not being any special information, I agree the guide is better suited to the new FM players or players who are struggling with the new release. What you have to remember is that FM has only been out for around 1 month and a half so even the guide writers aren't experts on the game yet.
  8. Thanks for the nice feedback mate. We all know that the football manual doesn't really help with playing the actual game itself and also a lot of people aren't prepared to pay for guides. They are two of reasons we decided to make the guide.
  9. In case you're wondering, we do have permission for this to be in this forum from Gillsman. Also, feel free to give your feedback in this thread. Thank you and most of all enjoy!
  10. The Unofficial Guide to Football Manager 2011 Made by the Football Manager FT Community Dec (Admin of FMHVibe) - "A great insight into FM for any newbie to the game. Anyone who is struggling to get into the game needs to read this" Heath (Moderator of SI Community) - "Good introductory guide to playing FM. Helpful for people wanting to get to grips with many aspects of the game." Mike (Moderator of FMBase) - "Top class guide, Easy to understand yet incredibly informative, perfect for new entrants to Football Manager. An essential download." Click Here to Download Disclaimer - This content was made by the FMFT community and is all original. Please do not claim this content to be your own although feel free to distribute it, as long as FMFT is credited of course. If you have any issues with anything said in this disclaimer, please contact me via PM.
  11. Ty, maybe you can add something about finding a thread. You could talk about using the search tool and the links thread.
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