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  1. Regarding the San Marino / Euro Cup stopping issue. I had this issue with my fantasy country and it didn't seem to matter what co-efficients i used for san marino, sooner of later the euro cup stopped. I looked in seedings and found there were 7 san marino clubs in the list by 2016 when it stopped, lol. So I found the san marino league in the database and clicked the is extinct tick box. I even did it for each team in the league but that might just be overkill. No more problems with euro cup now, even after a 20 year holiday test. This option might be a bit harsh and not everyones cup of tea but it keeps the euro cup running for me. (make sure you set the co-efficients as in instructions and swap san marino teams out and yours in)
  2. As far as i know there is no way to pick his hair. I think you would have to make a picture and add the hair you require. like the ones in [thread=247147]here. [/thread] If you can post his picture up and the hair style you want I could have a go at doing one if you dont want to.
  3. Any Chance somone can point me in the right direction? Made some replacement stars for scout reports just need to know, What to call the folder and where to put it? I have already done what I want with the ones on the squad screen.
  4. I get this a lot. I add 2 or 3 players at the start of the season and think my squad looks pretty good for a few weeks, Then by the time I play my first friendly 80% of my players have lost 3 stars form their ratings.
  5. If you need, for example 25 man squad with 5 home grown and you have no home grown players. Just pick 20 players and leave 5 spaces.
  6. I started in 1991. My first was Multi player Soccer Manager on Commodore 64. I remember playing it all weekend with one of my mates staying over and not going to bed until my dad came in and caught us still on it at 4am. You could win at least 4-0 every game if you had 4 defenders and 6 midfielders with no strikers, lol. Championship Manager 3 was my first SI one, I have had most of them since then.
  7. Only by adding photos manually and linking them to a player using their unique id number in a config file. You cant set it up to automaticly select a photo when a new player is generated.
  8. Maybe something could be done about the minimum term for new stadia when clubs are hugely successful over a short period. But I think if we start down the road of building our own stadiums in football manager,then we'll be buying cars for the players and decorating their houses before we know it. Thats not a game I want to play.
  9. Very good, are you planning to make some more or just trying it out?
  10. 1) I just make it the default size (400 X 400 I think) Then resize to approximatly 50% in paintshop. The hair is a bit of trial and error resizing until it looks right. Just resize paste it on, if its wrong undo the paste and the origional resize and try again. and its not always the same % for height and width (for example, sometimes I might have to reduce the width by say 50% and the height by 47% until it fits right) Once you have a few tries you will know roughly where you need to start. 2) Try unticking the show facial hair box. Shadow can also be reduced in the colours section. 3) I don't think this is possible. I do lots of editing in paintshop afterwards
  11. Its been a long time coming but here are my latest additions. I will continue to do these but it will be at a slower rate than previously. I'm just struggling to find the time at the moment. Don't you hate it when real life takes over.
  12. Hi I'm back online after my house move and phone company problems. Lots of improvements to do on the house and overtime at work to pay for them at the moment. I'll get back to it soon and answer some of the PM'S shortly. Sorry to just disappear like that.
  13. I'm moving house in two weeks so not got much spare time at the moment. But don't worry, there will be more to come soon.
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