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  1. Mines a typo, was meant to be Skrat from Ice Age. Just a random name i thought of.
  2. The smile that appeared on my face when i found out they got promoted, unbelievable.
  3. I'd like to send my scouts out to search for a certain position, but at the same time to search for a player who can replace a current aging player. For example if you are at Man U, you can tell your scouts to find a replacement for Ryan Giggs, doesnt matter where he comes from, just find someone. This instruction can also be changed to suit what you want. Say if you want Giggs replaced now, you tell your scout to find a near if not better player. But if you think Giggs has got a few more years left, you can tell the scout to find an eventual replacement for Giggs. This can also be used by you to find your own "Giggs" if you manage a different team. "Okay, Alex wont sell Giggs, so i want you to go and find our own"
  4. Kip, do you think the attitude of the idiots could be bettered by the use of tutoring? Could there be much of an increase in their professionalism etc by learning from a good player. I suppose this would have a better chance if the good player was a few years older though! Once again great work!! (i've now developed a soft spot for the bandits, suppose their now my second team)
  5. Just a thought Kipfizh, but have you wondered what the effects of having a team of idiots would be like? How well could a team/club progress if all of their 'world class' players had low determination and very very little work rate and team work? Its doubtful an experiment like that would get very far, as a team of idiots would be screaming to leave the club 30 minutes into the first game of the season. Also captains, what effect, if any, does this have on a match day? Does having a team of idiots with none of them having any influence at all effect your tactics? I can just imaging watching the 2D match screen and seeing all eleven players just wanting to run with the ball and not pass to anyone. Any other thoughts on this?
  6. Is anyone else sick of bigger clubs poaching your best coaches and scouts? I know this goes on IRL but its diong me head in. West Ham kept coming for me best coach and so i would also offer him a new contract, he signs a new deal with me, but no sooner has he done that, West Ham have come in for him again. This kept going on until i couldnt be arsed nee more. I think backroom staff should be tied in to contracts for at least 3 months from signing or something like that coz its doing me head in!!!!!!
  7. Id like to see better media interaction when you leave a club. For example:- 'i feel i had to leave as the board sold player x against my wishes' Or 'The chairman made it imposible for me to do my job as kept buying players i didnt want' And also for the fans/players to kick up a fuss to the board when you do leave. (if you have done well that is)