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  1. Hey, SI! want to kick racism out of football? Kick Emre Belozoglu, the racist liar out of the game. Emre Belozoglu has been involved in a total of 4 incidents dealing with him using racial slurs against opponents of African origin throughout his career. His latest incident involved him calling Zokora of Trabzonspor a "f***ing n****r" though he claimed he had called him a "f***ing p***k" and got away with a 2 match ban even though the TFF rules and regulations state it is a 4-8 match ban for such an offense (using a racial slur). This same Turkish Football Federation who has not been able to come up with a clear solution to the biggest match fixing scandal in sports history is now letting a possible big time racist get away with it. If SI truly believe in this cause they should kick Emre Belozoglu out of Football Manager 2013 as a form of protest of this level of corruption and injustice. Heck I am Turkish, but I would like you guys to go even further and kick the Turkish league out for a full version. Yes that means no playable Turkish league no real players or teams like it is in Japan for instance. Maybe then Turkish fans will realize the severity of what has been committed by their officials and take action as they should have. Who would want a league that promotes match-fixing and racism in their game anyway? I really hope and pray that UEFA and FIFA kicks us out of world football. I am tired of the level of corruption in Turkish football and the officials taking their public and even the whole world as idiots. Just watch this 10 minute video to get a clear perspective of what is going on with this situation. !Oh and I am not letting this one go. If SI don't do something about this then that "Let's Kick Racism Out of Football" that we'vebecome so accustomed to seeing every time we open up our favorite game over the years, will be proven (to me anyway) to beinga big fat lie. Thank you and have a nice day everyone.
  2. First of all Bulgaria has a significant Turkish minority as mentioned above so it is not unusual to have Turkish players coming out of there. Now if you feel the number of those players doesn't reflect the reality of Bulgaria you'd need to know about that reality first before you can criticize it. Even Greece had a player of Turkish origin playing for their U-21's about 2 years ago his name was Hussein Mumin. There is a Turkish minority in southeastern Europe especially the Balkans. There are players who come over from Serbia and Bosnia to Turkey at a young age and even end up playing for the Turkish national team. Again if you want to make a valid point about something make sure you're not completely ignorant about it first. There are many reasons why players like Mesut Ozil have not popped up more often in the past. The main reason for this is that a lot of these players are 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants and they are just recently becoming integrated into German society. Germany ahs finally become aware of the huge potential this group of players have. In the past German officials did not pay much attention to these players and a lot of them ended up coming to Turkey either becoming stars over there or hindering their development and disappearing off the map. This is not the case anymore as liek I said Germany is aware of these players now and is eager to make full use of them also Turkish football has developed immensely in the last 20 years which means the ones that come to Turkey also have a shot at a good career. If you look into the DB you will see that quite a decent number of Germany's young talent pool consists of players that have Turkish origin. Now after all of this info and your own research into the matter you need to come up with some numbers an basic statistics if you can do that than you may have a point. Once you have this you can post in the bugs forum for the ones it concerns. As for the transfers of Turkish players that are already in the DB to unexpected clubs for unexpected fees, even though this has been reiterated to death, it seems that some people just can't get it through their heads. It has nothing to do with the DB, but the transfer system of the game. The Turkish research team is one of the most cautious, analytical, and systematic teams around. If anything they will underrate players just to make sure they are not overrated. It all depends on the DB size you load and how many countries/leagues you load. If you load a smaller DB with fewer nations (fewer players) than the players in the Turkish league that has been loaded will end up being better than the majority of players in the loaded game and top clubs will target these players willing to pay larger fees than they are worth. If you people can't understand this in English and can't even understand the Turkish at Turksportal well you might as well stop playing FM, because you have much larger issues that you need to resolve. Let me just remind you at this stage that this parargraph you have just read has nothing to do with newgens.
  3. Nope, strength has nothing to do with shooting with power. Your staff is probably recommending they unlearn the move, because the player doesn't have a good enough value for long shots or it's some other reason.
  4. You've been a member here since 2000 and you're seriously asking this question? You should know by now that SI don't release patches for such things alone, but that changes such as this one may be included in an upcoming patch if it can be coded in time. You should've realized by now that SI never release a patch after the January update unless its something very urgent. They certainly don't release anything this time of the year as the season is over. They are obviously working on the next game. We can only hope that it will be implemented into the game next year without any problems or bugs. In the mean time enjoy FM 2010 and wait as that is all you can do.
  5. Suriname did not produce any of these players Holland did. All of these players were either born and/or raised in Holland with some of them like Rijkaard being half Surinamese due to one of their parents being fully Dutch.
  6. Actually this is very much possible David Icke a well known English conspiracy theorist was a professional goalkeeper who had to retire due to arthritis when he was 21 years-old. It's very rare but can happen.
  7. Azeri businessman Mubariz Mansimov is rumoured to be preparing to make a bid to become Besiktas chairman or at least supply the club with large chunks of cash even if he doesn't end up having an official position at the club. There is a growing number of Besiktas fans who are looking forward to Mansimov's bid as they have been disillusioned with current Turkish chairman Demiroren for quite some time now. Sure Azeri makes more sense than an Italian for the time being, but the reality of football is that if you don't have an infrastructure like Barcelona's most clubs will need a wealthy billionaire to take control of the financial aspects of the club and I doubt most involved will care much about this persons nationality hell even their gender as money will do all the talking. Turkish-Dutch business man is rumored to be interested in Galatasaray sure the man is originally Turkish, but he mainly resides in Holland. This si the direction that all of world football is moving in and thus is inevitable if the Turkish leagues want to compete with the best in the future. Foreign takeovers may not have happened yet however being near the Arabian peninsula in the middle east it doesn't seem unlikely to me that billionaires in the region may start showing interest in a Turkish club or two. Also you can't factor out globalization if a businessman from country x sees a good investment opportunity in Turkey or another country for that matter, he may show interest and even if it may be hard for fans to accept the situation at the beginning, if things go well i.e. a few good signings are made most people will forget about anything that made them feel uncomfortable. Especially in a country like Turkey where the strategy of buying out certain sections of a stadium by giving people free tickets is a common strategy to silence critics of the current board So let's not kid ourselves here. However the number of foreign investors in Turkey and the rate at which they appear may or may not be an issues that needs looking into, but for that you need further investigation, numbers, save games, etc. As a final note I am sure if you told an Englishmen about 15 years ago that several of their top clubs would be owned by non-British people they'd have reacted with hysterical laughter, however today even championship (and lower) sides are getting foreign investors involved. I am sure supporters of none of these clubs were too happy about what was happening at the beginning but people get used to it in time so the sooner some people start getting used to it on FM the better it will reflect on their real life reactions when it happens to the club they support
  8. well if you actually know how to take advantage of your mac there is a way you can go about to play the game without ever having to use your dvd ever again...
  9. I found a store in my area selling on of these for $689.99 that's probably about £450 or maybe even a little less: Asus G50VT-X5 Processor 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 Memory 4GB, 800MHz DDR2 Hard drive 320GB 7,200rpm Chipset Mobile Intel PM45 Express Chipset Graphics 512MB Nvidia GeForce 9800M GS Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 (64-bit) Dimensions 14.8 inches wide by 10.4 inches deep Height 1.6 inches Screen size (diagonal) 15.6 inches System weight / Weight with AC adapter 7.4/8.8 pounds Category Mainstream http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4786505&pagenumber=1&RSort=1&csid=ITD&recordsPerPage=5&body=#ReviewStart http://reviews.cnet.com/laptops/asus-g50vt-x5/4505-3121_7-33496181.html It has an amazing graphics card so I've been told, but I am not too sure about its other components. Also it's refurbished, but I did a lot of research and overall most people were very satisfied and claimed it to be good as new with barely a hint of prior use if any at all. Has a free upgrade for Windows 7 when it comes out. Should I go for it?
  10. Whitehouse - Wriggle Like a ****ing Eel
  11. Whitehouse - Why You Never Became A Dancer
  12. Doruk

    Patch Problem. Mac

    or just click on browse and seaerch for "Football Manager 2009" select the folder and install. But yeah applications should work as that is where your FM 2009 folder would be.
  13. Crack addiction is a terrible thing oh wait I meant FM.... sorry