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  1. With these newer options of booting other operating systems from Chromebooks, has anyone managed to run Football Manager via those options since there is a Linux-based version of FM? What is the performance like?
  2. Then he is ineligible for England and always will be with the current FIFA rules set in place.
  3. He can play for Jamaica as he was born there and has their nationality. He cannot play for Belgium since he did not spend the necessary 5 years there, him being a naturalized Belgian national (if he is) does not change anything. He will be able play for Germany after 5 years spent there since his Jamaican U-23 cap was not a competitive match (a U-21 qualification match would have ruled him ineligible). He can play for England IF his (grand)parents were born in England, not in any other case.
  4. Do those players have any youth caps for their original nation? If they do that would make them ineligible for a national team switch but I do not know if this is reflected in FM. IRL a player is ineligible to switch to another nation if he did not have that nationality when he played for his first national team. Naturalized players can play for new teams, naturalized players with previous caps (even youth) cannot.
  5. Hoping for a board request feature to invest more/establish a team in leagues where it is possible for years now.
  6. Eborg

    Add B team

    Not all leagues support that system. But I would love to see more board interaction with B teams in leagues which do have them.
  7. Agreed, players should accept loan moves in those cases. Especially if you are sending them to one of your feeder clubs.
  8. That is the decision of the club board and CEO, not the manager.
  9. Eborg

    SI Feedback

    Totally agreed. Motivate the community!
  10. It had already been suggested and apparently reviewed by SI as well. I was hoping to see it in the game this year but it seems it will not be there.
  11. A player has to be in an EU club to move between the ages of 16 and 18 to another EU club, his nationality is irrelevant. But with Brexit around the corner, who knows what might happen.
  12. Yes, pretty much. I remember that during the last year's Q&A Miles' reply to the question on if we are going to see trophy ceremonies was rather enigmatic: "Not this year."
  13. A lot of it had to do with luck. Played mostly lower-division teams and faced one of the reserve teams in the final, I think Linfield Swifts.
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