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  1. just wondering id this is possible as i've noticed that they aren't being fully loaded.. (missing Karen Gibson,eva Carniero etc)? how would i do this if it can be done?
  2. i've created a B team and swapped (using the Swap team button) but when ever i try to verify leagues it errors saying "new stage 0 for checkatrade trophy cant find enough teams to be created, 31 teams found, 32 needed" doesn't matter which team i swap.. when i swap back the error disappears and the file verify's any help would be appreaciated
  3. Mentoring to be made available when Player x is training with senior squad.. basically at the moment a player has to be in the same squad to be mentored by another player.. however this SHOULD also be available by the modification of our training "units" as i currently have 2 of my U23 Gk's training with the senior side but they're in the U23 squad.. surely this is where "most" of the mentoring would take place (on the training pitch) whilst any off the pitch mentoring takes place away from the pitch (be it a match or training) and so the squad (senior, u23 or u18) the player is in is largely irrelevant.. knowing SI though the fix for this will be to REMOVE the ability for youth players to train in the Seniors training units..
  4. right... how to ask this... i've started a game in Brazil (nov 15) is there anyway to load the English league from this point aswell? i remember some sort of option in the advanced editor to load a competion when that country not selected as primary, but cant for the life of me remember where or how to do this.. im getting fed up of my Crewe team sitting on their back sides from Dec to August and want to get some competitve games running along side..
  5. using FMRTE (3rd party) you can change his role prefs then just offer a new contract
  6. how do I set the 3 Over 21s and 1 over age keeper for u21 teams only dave? I've been in the fixture rules, tried B clubs only, home division as premiership, leagues lower than sky bet 2 all allow me to field a full senior side.... Basically because the u21's are going to eventually vary, I'm trying to set u21 teams in the EFL trophy to follow the same rules as the u21 league whilst the sky bet 1&2 teams field who they like..
  7. need some help if possible "adding" 15/16's fixtures to an Advanced Rules England, I've spent HOURS setting up all the fixtures & results yet whenever I start a new game they don't take effect... I've set them up through fixtures for year in the Prem rules but nothing I seem to do seem's to Force the game to see the fixtures.. the original fixture file is basic rules so it cant be merged either..
  8. cheers dave, with your assistance I think I've actually got this mostly done.. the teams aren't regionalised but after having a quick load of a new game starting in October ALL the EPPP teams "SEEM" to be playing the youth without actually editing the fixture rules.. so once again thanks:applause:
  9. Cheers dave, quick question if you know mate.. I've just fired up the editor and went in to fixture rules and there's a few options in there that could potentially be used to ensure the larger teams stick to playing young players.. I now know I CAN set up match rules for each specific team.. but that would mean each match rule duplicated for each U21 side (hell of a lot of work). using your method if I merely duplicated each match rule and set it to teams in division "BPL" would the game recognise the U21's as a BPL teams reserve? if you get me..
  10. had the same idea.. created "U21" teams for the 16 academies, I've given them the same reputations as their parent club to ensure they seed 1 into each group and then had to give up as I'm baffled how to actually set up the cup using advance rules.. also have no idea (or if its even possible) how to set match/competition rules so that only the U21 sides field u21 players whilst the league 1/2 sides play who they like..
  11. This would be the easiest way to do it if you want to completely remove foriegner's from the league.. as players that have played in the country long enough can take up that country's nationality to side step the rule, so yes you would have to do it for each league in a nation.. i've created something similar where the premership can have 8 full foreigner's, Championship 4, Leagues 1 & 2 can have 2, and so on.. it's already had an effect on the transfer policy of the big clubs with Man utd shelling out around £35m on Townsend and Rose from tottenham.. City buying the likes of Joe Lewis as backup players..
  12. just wondering if this can be used to "pick the team" that plays when not controlling the side for example naming the reserve 11 that plays then my assistant plays the match.
  13. honestly.. im finding the game infuriating since the new patch... spent hours designed a exciting tactic to watch, getting some decent but not un-realistic scoreline's and the new patch has just completely taken the enjoyment out of the tactic.. my winger's who are set to "run with the ball often" generally dont.. wont even try take a player on and a generally not worth the place on the pitch.. the first season they both got around 15 a piece.. (when you consider they're both have dribbling of 17/18, pace 16/17 and technique's of 15-18) 2nd season (on the new patch) 4 between them!! even using the shout "run at defence" does very little to improve this.. (on the bright side player's like C Ronaldo and Messi should also have poor performances given the fact the M.E. has been tweaked to negate player's who dribble.. also the feedback panel (top right corner of the match engine) no longer works at all.. and that came in useful.. to be honest though what is really annoying me is the fact that updating to the latest patch is no longer my choice as a consumer, at least with the old system if a patch was affecting my enjoyment of the game i could simply re-install upto the patch version I enjoyed.. having been a loyal customer of SI's since CM 94/95 this could well be the last FM i purchase..
  14. Hi there, im running into a few problem's when trying to create the FA youth cup.. basically, i've created the cup, added the advanced rules by modifying the FA cup's to fit the structure(eg changing number of teams that enter into rounds, fixture rules and even changed the fixture dates) but whenever i try to load up the db i get an error saying that "wrong number of teams entered into FA youth cup,0 added to stages, 644 teams in the competition" (this is when there are no stages in the nation rules panel..) when i add the stage's to the nation rules the error changes to "the number of teams in the FA Youth cup final should be divisble by 2." the structure im using is Preliminary Round 80 teams start in this round, 40 matches (leaves 40 teams in the competition) 1st Qualifying 472 teams added +40 from previous round=512 teams 256 matches (leaves 256) 2nd Qualifying 256 teams 128 matches (leaves 128) 3rd Qualifying 128 teams 64 matches (leaves 64) 4th Qualifying 64 teams 32 matches (leaves 32) 1st Round 48 added + 32 from previous round = 80 teams 40 matches (leaves 40) 2nd Round 40 teams 20 matches (leaves 20) 3rd Round 44 added + 20 from previous round = 64 teams 32 matches (leaves 32) 4th Round 32 teams 16 matches (leaves 16) 5th Round 16 teams 8 matches (leaves 8) Q-F 8 teams 4 matches (leaves 4) S-F (2 leg) 4 teams 2 matches (leaves 2) F (2 leg) 2 teams 1 match (leaves 1) if someone knows how to correct this or could look at the database it would be very much appreciated..
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