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  1. Really good thread. I'll be interested to see how you perform in the league. It's been a while since I've been on here as I generally spend ages on a version of FM working towards a single tactic that I don't have to tweak at all, so have only just moved on from FM14. I'm having a bit of a struggle with playing away in this version so far, so will be interested to see if the simple approach continues to work for you as I'm very similar to yourself in that I'm determined to find a nice simple, balanced tactic that can be used over many games and allow you to be successful by simply improving your squad. I've managed it on every version I've played so far and hope FM16 will be the same. In contrast to you I've started with Barcelona, as I always tend to start with a big team and have some fun before moving onto a long term game with a minnow (usually Darlington or Gateshead with a Sunderland save in between). So far results have been mixed, but I've been getting a bit carried away with both the team and player instructions due to trying to get the best out of ridiculous players such as Messi and Naymar. At one point was 7th in the league and almost got sacked. Anyway, gone off on a bit of a tangent there. I really like the style of this thread and look forward to see how it goes. I'm tempted to go into my second season with Barcelona doing something similar and seeing how it goes.
  2. Only people registered before 2008 should be allowed to take part Seriously though, I'm always up for this one whatever you decide. Probably better to just limit it, 20 people first come first served. If you then have time you can do another with only new people, but this way there's no pressure to do so and no pressure to rush the first one.
  3. FM09 was the last one I played. And yeah, very please with our transfer window. I never expected Johnson to sign for us and I'm proper chuffed he has! Hopefully a decent season in store, finishing around 7th/8th would be great.
  4. Good mate. Been toying with the idea of getting back into FM for a while and have bit the bullit and downloaded the game. Saw a few familiar faces posting in here so thought I'd drop in and say hello.
  5. Hello everyone, how's it going? I've finally got round to buying FM12 so will start playing this game again soon.
  6. Want to swap lives with me for the weekend Rob?
  7. I'm away this weekend with the missus and the kids in Scarborough. I really didn't plan ahead when booking that one months ago So I'm going to have to find somewhere decent to watch the match while I'm supposed to be on a family holiday.
  8. I was fairly pleased with Englands performance last night. Ukraine were always going to come flying out of the blocks as they had to win to qualify and they were in front of a massive home crowd. So it was very important that we soaked up that early pressure, and the team did just that. We should have been ahead a lot earlier as Rooney missed an absolute sitter, and that would have been game over. For all their possession the Ukraine barely looked threatening and were mostly reduced to long shots. I'm not sure what people expected really. Before the tournament Roy was classed by a lot of people as the wrong man for the job, had very little time to prepare, had injuries etc and in this game simply needed to draw to do what most people said he wouldn't even manage - get out of the group. No matter what you think of him he's an intelligent manager and he's always going to make that team difficult to break down tonight and first and foremost ensure we didn't go behind. It looks to me like the whole campaign has so far gone pretty much to plan for Hodgson, and he's finished top of the group for crying out loud, what more do people want? As I said, most were saying we wouldn't even get out of the group before the tournament started. As for the team, when the team was announced and we were told that Gerrard had been made captain I was pretty disappointed. I remember posting that it basically meant he had to play every game and that would be bad for the team as he's not great internationally and is too quick to try the 'hollywood ball'. But it turns out I was wrong as he's been our best player so far. The bit of skill to go past his man before crossing for the goal last night was fantastic, and that's a number of brilliant crosses he's put in now. So yeah, looks like he was a good choice for captain after all. Milner was utter turd. Before the match I wanted him to start as we needed to keep it tight and someone needs to cover Johnson. But he didn't really do a thing right and I hope he doesn't start against Italy. Young was fine, not sure what people are compaining about really. He worked hard, put in some decent crosses, but did nothing spectacular. The only worrying thing was that we looked out of ideas in the final third on a number of occasions. We did seem to lack a spark up front but I'm hoping with Rooney getting back into it that will improve. The next game will be very difficult and I cant see us winning it. But that's fine really. Whatever FIFA say this team is not the 4th best team in Europe at the moment and it needs a lot of work. For me Roy will have had a decent start, as well as can be expected under the circumstances, and hopefully it will give him something to build on. That doesn't mean I'm not hoping for a win in the next game. Once it gets to the knockout stages anything can happen.
  9. Yeah, with Johnson's questionable positioning and tendancy to bomb forward you can't really afford to play Theo from the start. At least Milner will run his socks off and cover for Johnson. Theo is best brought on in the second half when we're either chasing the game or have enough of a lead to open them up on the counter. Clever management from Roy imo.
  10. Come on England. Would like to see us play well and win by 2 or 3 goals to put us in confident mood for the quarters. If we can't get at least a draw against Ukraine I'll be bitterly disappointed.
  11. And that's without the fact that Sweden are playing two massive lumps of centre backs who are both pretty slow. So by playing Carroll we're basically playing to their strengths.
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