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  1. Really good thread. I'll be interested to see how you perform in the league. It's been a while since I've been on here as I generally spend ages on a version of FM working towards a single tactic that I don't have to tweak at all, so have only just moved on from FM14. I'm having a bit of a struggle with playing away in this version so far, so will be interested to see if the simple approach continues to work for you as I'm very similar to yourself in that I'm determined to find a nice simple, balanced tactic that can be used over many games and allow you to be successful by simply improving y
  2. FM09 was the last one I played. And yeah, very please with our transfer window. I never expected Johnson to sign for us and I'm proper chuffed he has! Hopefully a decent season in store, finishing around 7th/8th would be great.
  3. Good mate. Been toying with the idea of getting back into FM for a while and have bit the bullit and downloaded the game. Saw a few familiar faces posting in here so thought I'd drop in and say hello.
  4. Hello everyone, how's it going? I've finally got round to buying FM12 so will start playing this game again soon.
  5. Not too bad mate. I'm getting to play a fair bit of '09 at the moment due to working from home, and I'm just looking for a decent section of the forums to have a bit of banter and discussion about the game on.
  6. Hello Mike and Elrithral, thought I'd join you boys over here as we haven't spoken for a while. It's all about the quick updates for me, but this is why I've decided to post my carrer in the anecdotes thread.
  7. This sounds like a very good AI experiment. In terms of clubs are there any leagues that contain 18 teams in the top league and the league below? If so you could have two leagues worth of teams with an attribute each and see what happens. After the first season the lower league would change as some teams would be relegated and replaced by upcoming normal teams. But this might also be quite an interesting side to the experiment, to see how the teams made up of only one attribute compare to a normal team.
  8. But remeber that not all players can be tutored. So if you pick a young player, go to player interaction and find that you cannot select another player to tutor them it's because they can't be tutored for some reason or there are currently no players available to tutor them.
  9. The best way to do this is to make him a DMC with mixed or rarely for forward runs. If you have his position as a CM then thats where he'll naturally want to put himself much of the time.
  10. What sort of team talks do you use? When you lose a game do you ever tell your players you're dissapointed with them? If so this could be the case as certain players don't react well to this, depending on their personality. I'd stick with sympathise or good effort when you lose, even if you lose against teams you feel you should beat. This should help keep your players happy.
  11. The only time your assistant manager will take over your team is if you go on holiday. You can then look back at the matches and probably get an idea of what formation and stuff he used but I don't think you can get a clear view of the exact tactics he would have used. I'm at work now so can't remember exactly where it is but there is definitely an option to advertise a vacancy, I think it's in the bottom left of the screen. Using the feature means the Assistant (or whoever's controlling your reserve and U19 teams) will use the tactics that you have set in the Tactics screen. He will not
  12. Personally I go from attributes rather than what the ass man says. It then comes down to what I look for in a full back. For me it's similar to the things you've listed but I also look at tackling and crossing (as I like my full backs to whip the odd cross in). So whichever player has the higher attributes in the areas I consider important for the position would go in the first team. So in your situation I would play Richardson as he seems to have the better attributes for a right back. However, I'd also give the other guy a few games if I was signing him anyway. I'd then watch those games o
  13. Attributes are what count. A player could have a high CA but still have low attribute in the key areas for whatever position he plays in. CA is not used in match engine calculations so it's all down to attributes, moral and things like hidden attributes and personality.
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