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  1. Really good thread. I'll be interested to see how you perform in the league. It's been a while since I've been on here as I generally spend ages on a version of FM working towards a single tactic that I don't have to tweak at all, so have only just moved on from FM14. I'm having a bit of a struggle with playing away in this version so far, so will be interested to see if the simple approach continues to work for you as I'm very similar to yourself in that I'm determined to find a nice simple, balanced tactic that can be used over many games and allow you to be successful by simply improving your squad. I've managed it on every version I've played so far and hope FM16 will be the same. In contrast to you I've started with Barcelona, as I always tend to start with a big team and have some fun before moving onto a long term game with a minnow (usually Darlington or Gateshead with a Sunderland save in between). So far results have been mixed, but I've been getting a bit carried away with both the team and player instructions due to trying to get the best out of ridiculous players such as Messi and Naymar. At one point was 7th in the league and almost got sacked. Anyway, gone off on a bit of a tangent there. I really like the style of this thread and look forward to see how it goes. I'm tempted to go into my second season with Barcelona doing something similar and seeing how it goes.
  2. Some top spackery here. Congrats Sy.
  3. chopper99

    BOTU Preliminary Knockout Round

    Bliss Seeker vs Kris0710 - Never heard of Kris and Bliss is an actual mentalist. nellyx vs pnefc22 - nelly to go all the way and win this. leviaxxan vs Leppard - Matthew Le God vs arenaross - Who gives a **** abut Southampton anyway? rougess vs TigerChris - Is almost from the North East sstestig vs JayArr Anton vs stevie_G_32201 - Anton dresses like a gayer and is a bit of a ****, but he's still better than most in this list PaulHartman71 vs Barry Cartman Gimp_Basket_Smiles vs Mr Whippy - Top 10 if not top 5 of best usernames. MacLovin vs DeafParrot underwater sunlight vs Goddard milnerpoint vs titchuk - tit chuck JDownie vs Robokid87 Pukey vs Peter Evo - Is now a man with a fully functioning **** buffalo vs Ridleys jonahno6 vs Paul Bacon - mmmm, bacon. el sid vs bdcuk - I always think bdcuk come across like a right miserable *******. I like that. readingfanman vs Kenco hilly_boro vs markyosullivan - NE block vote
  4. chopper99

    BOTU Signup thread

    Count me in.
  5. chopper99

    Werewolf XXI - We're baaaaack

    It's SCR I'm sure of it. Think, why would he reveal his role if he had the chance to take a nobber with him as a night kill. And why has no-one been pushing him being lynched? You'd think if he wasn't red then the real nobber would want to try and get him lynched as that's their only safe way of killing him.
  6. chopper99

    Werewolf XXI - We're baaaaack

    Who was the last person on the LRJ vote, was it hilly? If so u might be right
  7. chopper99

    Werewolf XXI - We're baaaaack

    We need to look at the people who weren't on the LRJ vote. I'm voting for one of them.
  8. chopper99

    Werewolf XXI - We're baaaaack

    Don't give us away SCR
  9. chopper99

    Werewolf XXI - We're baaaaack

    I was hoping there would have been more chat by now. I'm still the only one to put down a vote with 3 hours to go. The lack of activity only helps the remaining red or reds.
  10. chopper99

    Werewolf XXI - We're baaaaack

    If me blocking you didn't stop the night kills then how do you explain the lack of a night kill yet again? I'm not 100% saying that's the reason, but LRJ turned out to be a red and there were no night kills on the two nights I blocked him. Last night I blocked you and again there were no night kills. It's quite a coincidence. If anyone can offer anything that would give another reason for the lack of night kills then that would be welcomed. Until then we have no better target imo.
  11. chopper99

    Werewolf XXI - We're baaaaack

    And just to explain before I go offline, I moved off the LRJ vote before the end last night simply to give WH time to come on and possibly offer something, as at that point LRJ only needed one more vote. If someone else is stopping the night kills then it might be a good time to come out now. But I'm willing to take the risk with SCR at this stage.
  12. chopper99

    Werewolf XXI - We're baaaaack

    And can't blame you for killing off WH, just no point in him signing up at all.
  13. chopper99

    Werewolf XXI - We're baaaaack

    I blocked SCR last night. Lynch SCR
  14. chopper99

    Werewolf XXI - We're baaaaack

    Agreed, I have no idea why he bothers signing up.
  15. chopper99

    Werewolf XXI - We're baaaaack

    Especially when they could actually provide very useful info