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  1. any intention to update the 4321? been doing the best for me so far
  2. everyones nan is better than moyes
  3. dont understand the question. my nan could succeed fergie, hes nothing special
  4. rashidi had a mod for fm17 that changed that to very high risk, high risk and so on, to make it easier for people to understand
  5. at the moment any type of testing can be useful
  6. in the fm18 4321, which foot should the amcs be?
  7. works fine for me in the full game
  8. also the two new cm roles dont work in the middle slot, only mcr mcl
  9. it seems you can only pick it when having a player at dmr dml, if you move it to the middle the role changes.
  10. cant see the segundo volante in the dm slot, am i missing something?
  11. is actual diving in the game? if so i havent seen any punishments for it if its been spotted by officials
  12. he'll say he lost then say he got FM'd ha
  13. pretty sure thats still the case. while in game and youve set man marking, save the tactic then after the game load it and itll have the marking as you set. dont know how it works if the positions you marked arent used in the next game, like you mark MR but they have AMR
  14. do you think theyre doing anything about the halfback issue you raised? apply that to this, then youll have your answer. theyre 'looking into it' do sweeper keepers work how people expect them to work? nope its good they fixed Iwb but other roles, or how roles interact with certain roles like CB with HB arent being touched isnt good.