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  1. position training keeps resetting. i control indiv training so i have no idea why if i train to be a SV after a few games or whatever it reverts back to dm. does it reset when you change formation?
  2. yeah dortmund. i only took a picture on my phone of my 2023 player then loaded up a new dortmund save and compared stats. just clicked on the attribute changes for each age 21-24, technicals havent moved at all. maybe, not just the arrows in the ui are not working, what if numbers arent moving in the ui but the attributes are actually changing? idk, maybe other players having the same issue can say which type of stat isnt changing, techinal, mental, physical. tomorrow ill load up another save and compare jadon sancho and gomez, see if their technicals have changed
  3. ive gone between letting ass man do training and me trying and in 5 years pulisic's technicals havent improved from the start of the game even though hes playing games etc. not sure if im messing up general training or somethiing
  4. might be obvious but is there away to set one schedule for every week without manualy doing it yourself for every individual week? the entire first season i had it to ass man to manage, there didnt seem to be any attribute changes, second season i tried to do it myself and still no changes. no matter how much i play the player there isnt much change like there was in previous years to youngsters. i just want to stick to balanced that im used to in past years
  5. enganche, i love the idea of it but can never get it to work which is frustrating
  6. in the fm18 4321, which foot should the amcs be?
  7. it seems you can only pick it when having a player at dmr dml, if you move it to the middle the role changes.
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