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  1. is actual diving in the game? if so i havent seen any punishments for it if its been spotted by officials
  2. he'll say he lost then say he got FM'd ha
  3. pretty sure thats still the case. while in game and youve set man marking, save the tactic then after the game load it and itll have the marking as you set. dont know how it works if the positions you marked arent used in the next game, like you mark MR but they have AMR
  4. do you think theyre doing anything about the halfback issue you raised? apply that to this, then youll have your answer. theyre 'looking into it' do sweeper keepers work how people expect them to work? nope its good they fixed Iwb but other roles, or how roles interact with certain roles like CB with HB arent being touched isnt good.
  5. so a few weeks ago my laptop broke so i bought a new one. i had been saving my saves to the steam cloud. i installed fm through steam on my new laptop and tried to play a cloud save but only two are there yet all the managers from the saves that arent in my cloud are appearing in my current hall of fame. why cant i see all my cloud saves and where are they? can i go through steam files or the app to see the saves? this is for fm17
  6. well Close Down Much More, Play out of Defence, Retain Possession, Roam from Position helped herne 'lead the La Liga possession table (just a smidge below 60%) ' few years ago. (not that ive read every thing youve posted to try and get better *cough*) Cleons art of possession thread could help, it helped herne afterall
  7. pretty sure you as a manager cant influence how well or quickly a player learns a new role/position other than starting it. its based on hidden stats like versatility
  8. to clarify, general training doesnt directly impact the next game. for example if you train defending general training, the next game youll defend better. its only match prep that affects the next game, if thats the case then is there a post or something by someone directly working for SI that clarifies this? theres a youtuber whos adament general training affects the next game. if i showed him herne or rashidi saying it doesnt affect the next game, he wouldnt believe them cause theyre not SI regardless of how highly thought of they are
  9. it happened to Wojciech Szczęsny, he was lifting heavy weights and slipped and both his forearms were fractured, he was out for months so theres a real life example
  10. this is what happens with me too
  11. in the picture youve posted, with the direction lombardi is facing, theres no way he'd see him. a few frames earlier, is the LB in line of sight of him? maybe up the role so he makes the forward move quicker
  12. Arsene Wenger's Invincibles

    hard to miss on the first post
  13. i can agree with him, id manage anyone but spurs. legit hate them