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  1. Ah, scratch that, it does seem to work, just needed to green + thing maximize it
  2. Okay, i'm going to let the frustrations take the better of me and declare that this is quite simply, unrealistic and plain unfair. Normally I try and hold back from such stupid criticism but this time I just can't. So I decided to move the old firm into the EPL for a challenge. The media prediction for celtic was 16th, and after 22 games, that's exactly where I lie. That said, i'm out of the league cup and the Europa cup which i'm pretty happy about, but the fans and the board are apparently "devastated". This is what I don't get. The squad is TERRIBLE. DIRE. I've performed EXACTLY how I should be performing. I lost to Porto in the Europa cup, have the fans seen their team? Hulk could probably beat my team on his own half asleep no superpowers needed. WHAT DO THEY EXPECT? The Celtic squad simply can't live up to in game expectations in the Premier League. The only players of the required standard are Juarez, Majstorovic and maybe McCourt if he didn't spend half his time still recovering from his previous 10 minute outing. Everyone else is championship quality at best, so excuse me for losing to teams with talent. And the last match was just silly. I was against liverpool, at home (BTW, Liverpool are of course heavily overrated. They're running away with the league, and the real life team is in no way physically capable of that even if the league was repeated 10 billion times) and I lost 6-2. Pretty bad, but when you consider that I had 4 injuries after I had made my 3 subs, leaving me with a grand total of 6 outfield players against the league leaders, i'd say theres not much I could do about that. I was play 4-2-0, not exactly gonna be able to restrict the space am I? But then theres the transfers. OH. MY. GOD. FRUSTRATION. I was given 15 mil in the transfer window, enough to survive I thought! Well, no, can't really buy anyone half decent cos they all want wages which I can't provide. Fine, so i'll just get rid of some of my stupidly high earning deadwood then? Err, no. Literally can't give away /for free/ a single member of my squad. There is not a single team on planet earth who wants a free player. That's right, Celtic are apparently the worlds worst team despite having about 200 teams below them in the English league. And morale! Morale is just SI's way of ensuring teams finish where they should most of the time, surely? If I win, morale shoots up. If I lose, everyones suddenly suicidal, which just ensures I lose the next few matches regardless of opposition or situation. Nothing I can do. And so, i'm in a situation where I can't buy, can't sell, can't win, and the fans and board are constantly devastated about losing to teams 10x better than mine. Gee, if only there was something I could do about this. /rant
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