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  1. Brilliant work. A couple more years and you'll be way ahead of TNS.
  2. Well done, dafuge! I think you've beaten the main road blocks to success this season.
  3. Can I give you some advice? It's just a little tip/trick I'd like you to add to friendlies because I've found that if you arrange friendlies as 90 minutes + penalties, if you lose the shoot out, you get the same amount of ranking points, but if you win it, you get double, it's useful for climbing up one or two seeding ranks for easier draws. Overall, very good work.
  4. I think all levels of coefficients work, depending on nation quality. I think European issues are dealt with by moving Kazakhstan.
  5. Very close to a release, I think. And your database looks great, jimbowman. When will you put your guides up nine_iron? Also, what do you think of me making an international tournament, called the Home Nations. I put in the UK, my regional database and the Republic of Ireland.
  6. The move of Kazakhstan to Asia seems to have done the trick, it just needs a little more stability testing. Then, I'm not sure what to do with it. There will be more small improvements, features and tweaks I'll have to make but I think everthing major is done, for now.
  7. Can we have a region of club input in the editor similar to the regions for everything else and automatic and then make it searchable. Would be faster to make certain types of database.
  8. My database seems to be working but the Europa League doesn't seem to be working properly. I'm not sure if it's a bug with saving history, the fact I'm holidaying and they do have a competition on when I check back regularly, or something else all together. EDIT: Checked back the next season and I'm sure it's a history thing. EDIT 2: Zero coefficients doesn't knock a nation out of Europe. I may need to change a nation to another continent, I think one that is on Asia, because I've heard there is a spot in their international competitions. Or maybe Gibraltar to Africa but that could be more challenging. I'm testing out Kazakhstan in Asia now.
  9. Decent season, dafuge, you're closing the gap, if you can just get through the first round for the next couple of seasons, you should be seeded for that round and get through easily.
  10. Just caught up and you're doing brilliantly, dafuge. To me it looks like you need to do everything possible to make a breakthrough in the Europa League as that is the only revenue stream that you have that can make things significantly better.
  11. I meant, give you the info on how to enter a nation into Africa.
  12. Well it's slightly easier to make one but if you want it to work, ask some questions at the FM14 regional databases thread on here.
  13. Adding a region of club in the editor, it takes several editors a few a hours a year to make some of their databases and this makes some fun but tough edits a lot less time consuming. The region of birth for people beats half of the problem with it being ridiculously time intensive, please give us the other feature next year.
  14. This breaks my heart: http://s1281.photobucket.com/user/gogogogolem/media/2013-11-02_00002_zps2edfecf0.jpg.html http://s1281.photobucket.com/user/gogogogolem/media/2013-11-02_00001_zps84d618f4.jpg.html Sloppy data entry. I've now got to fill that in. 65 cities and 25 clubs.
  15. Nine_iron, are you going to put up all your guides again? I can add some stuff to the guides. I worked out how to get a country into Africa, continental club competitions and internationals in FM 13. Also, there's a great new time saving feature called region of birth in players, we could do with a region of club feature as well, but there's always next year. I'm thinking of doing a midlands database, but naming it Mercia. However, any difference in territory won't happen, since I can't work it out, and it's easier not to play around with cities or regions. However, there are some areas I can find that I'm thinking of moving around, if I can work out exact areas.
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