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  1. That's good and the Blackburn deal looks like a great piece of business. I feel stupid now I've posted that and when I clicked confirm I saw that post on top of it.
  2. Sell him then. Also what about the facilities being downgraded are they back up yet?
  3. I'd sell as the new guy looks better already but you've also got to think if you think you'll keep your cash because if it's unlikely what's the point in having it?
  4. So I'm guessing that affects your league performance because most of the star players then have to play in the qualifiers and your squad isn't deep enough. Have you managed to get the facilities back up yet?
  5. Sirius were unlucky but well done AIK and I think AIK have a decent chance in the first round but no hope in the second.
  6. Oh, I forgot you went straight into the groups now. I never knew four matches could make such a difference then.
  7. Good performance and by that I meant I was disappointed with the other Swedish teams showing in Europe and you hadn't put the CL qualifiers in your monthly updates.
  8. I'm disappointed with the other Euro performances. I don't think you included them in your monthly updates though. Good lead at the top as well.
  9. Astrom looks good but Arvidsson looked special and his low level of ambition cost him. Astrom also has low determination and work-rate which is bad for development.
  10. Unlucky draw against Chelsea and now you've mentioned it, scouting increases the diversity of youths taken in so it's increasing the chance of a good regen as rubbish Swedish ones are getting slightly replaced by better foreigners, but only has a marginal effect on diversity and quality.
  11. Ridiculous those shareholders. Why are you scouting anyway? Is it so you can keep hold of old players and keep up with the footballing world?
  12. You've done pretty well in Europe so far with the point, the league is looking better and you've finally won the cup. How good is Paul Robinson anyway? If he makes England U20s he must be good enough for the starting XI in future.
  13. Well done on being third seeds in the CL and on doing so well in the cursed cup but you need to pick it up in the league.
  14. You aren't cheating with the corners and not as good a start as I would have hoped.
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