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  1. So i have a few ideas on how to improve/revamp tactics also have ideas on opponent scouting reports. Swapping positions: You should be able to swap positions with as many different players as possible e.g. LW, RW and ST all swapping positions. How this should work is basically the same soo say you swap positions with LW and RW then when select ST to swap positions it should say swap positions with LW,RW Like picture below. How the players swap needs in my opinion needs to be changed and what i mean is at the moment it seems players just randomly swap positions, now i think what should happen is say your playing 4-4-2 and you have your CM to swap positions now if your LCM runs diagonal past your RCM then your RCM should anticipate the movement and swap to RCM. see pictures below. I better example below, My LW has the ball and the LCM makes a darting run forward past my ST now what i would like to happen is my ST go into the LCM position assuming they have been selected to swap positions. Tactics: Now what i think would be great is when you create a new tactic you should create 2 for 1. Basically your create one for the attacking phase and one for the defensive phase of play. So how will this work? well when you create a tactic you will have the general team settings and formation and some team instructions which will include: Style, strategy, passing, creative freedom, closing down, tackling, marking, crossing, defensive line, tempo, target man and playmaker. And for the phases just width an roaming. I think this idea really comes into its own for player instructions which ill have to explain a little later in the post otherwise wont make any sense. but please look below for a picture on how it should look. A major part of my idea is splitting the pitch into a grid as shown below. You will see why this is soo important. Player movement: On FM series one of the major downfalls is the movement they do stupid things and your arrrrrg and now with my idea you can customize the movement. soo how to do this. soo Say the ball is in "T1" and my left back is on the ball now i want to place every player where i would want all the players to be as shown below. You may of noticed some players have arrows and this is the player runs and i think each player should have 5 options on to where to make his run and you should be able to select two runs to add more to the tactic. Now If how will positioning come into play? well hard to explain but just look at picture below. positioning below How will off the ball come into play? well timing off run and combined anticipation swapping positions more smoothly. You remember early in the post when i was talking about defensive and attacking phases of play on the tactic screen? good. Below is an example of an attacking phase and i think you should only be able to set player instructions in the attacking/defensive phase tab. Also Like the attacking phase picture below the defensive phase is the same except the runs are defensive and you set where you want your players to be in the defensive phase. For some reason i cant upload my pictures soo im going to post my post and try edit it later As for opponent scouting reports id like to see something like this: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01927/art18-1_1927022a.pdf
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