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  1. I thought the stadiums looked more realistic in FM17. I'm managing Spurs and their new stadium does not have a 'Bowl' shape. One side is open with a giant screen.
  2. Using this tactic with PSG after starting a fresh save. 18 out of 18 in the league and 3 out of 3 wins in the CL. Cavani, Neymar and Mbappe are absolutely smashing teams and I'm getting score lines of 4-0 and 5-0
  3. Hoping to start a new save with Aston Villa tonight. What would be the best tactic to use?
  4. Knapp you sir are a legend! Cannot wait to get started with these after work
  5. Just a minor complaint - Not liking the fact that when a player scores, their total goals tally no longer appears in the match engine. e.g. Ronaldo scores and you would normally see a caption with '40th goal of the season'. Like I said, not a major issue but its something which is really bugs me!
  6. I finally downloaded it and using it with my non league team (Nuneaton). 2 decent high scoring wins in the FA cup, 4 draws in the league after going 2/3 goals ahead and blowing the lead and 1 heavy defeat in the FA cup. I'm going to stick with it.
  7. Hoping to download this tonight. Has the recent patch affected it in any way?
  8. I used to use FMRTE alot and got bored. You win everything thats there to win, can sign any player in the world, cancel any contract etc its fun for a bit only The buzz you get when you win your first trophy without FMRTE or go on a unexpected 10-15 match unbeaten run and end up as a unlikely title winner or in the CL spots is next level mate and you dont get it with FMRTE
  9. 5 seasons. This is also my personal best. I would have hit my 6th season if the Beta came out during the weekend. Ive spent more hours on FM15 than any other FM
  10. I cant be bothered anymore! I tried switching between 3 different saves every few days. I had a great save going with Athletico Madrid but lost all motivation. Currently taking a little break and catching up on some TV shows until the Beta is released.
  11. I dont care what it looks like. As long as I can select my team from the tactics screen using right click just like FM14 then i'm happy
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