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  1. All my forwards are on supporting roles. Would dropping the mentality or the DL be advisable or harm the possession?
  2. I just can't score enough. The amount of times my attacking full back gets up in a position and then waits and gets tackled is irritating. Possession isn't a problem, but I just don't create anything. Once I get within 25 yards, my players are already on the edge of the box and it's just a cycle before it's chucked back to the DMC and then out to the full back and lost. It's so predictable. My B2B MC is generally the guy with the most shots while my forwards hardly get a sight of goal. Need a lot of tweaking on my attempt
  3. I noticed that my front three only made up 9 of those shots but only put 3 on target. Schneiderlin, my B2B, was the top shooter and that came from just having effort on the edge of the box which isn't what I want. I actually had the IF(S), F9 and AP(S) as my front three anyways as with Memphis, Martial or Barbosa(can't remember who started) and Mata suit that in my opinion. I switched Mata to a W(S) to try and hold width a bit more later on but it didn't really help. Would you advise dropping mentality, or unchecking the higher defensive line? I had a DM(S) and B2B and an AP(A) in midfield.
  4. I actually had something very similar set up, but I just can't create enough. Facing teams that are usually quite happy to camp in their box, is there anyway to try and get the final pass. I was thinking about moving the IF to an attacking role but don't want him moving away from his full-back and getting too far forward. There just seems to be a lack of a little bit of flair and I'm not really sure where my goals will come from. I'm tempted to move the shape to fluid to try and encourage a little bit more invention but I don't want to lose out on the possession. An example was my last game where sunderland lined up with a bank of 5 in defence, 4 in midfield and 1 up top. I just struggled to create anything clear enough. Close to 600 passes, but only 7 shots on target. 2 CCCs, which one was a missed pen and my equaliser was actually a last minute OG.
  5. I have seen a couple of screenshots showing the roles that the opposition play. Is that related to a skin, or is it an option I can check in the game? In 15 I could also go to the profile of the team and it would show me their last starting eleven and their roles. Can someone help me with setting this up again?
  6. No, that's just my original shape. Played the friendly against my 21s and that's it so far. Been really busy so will hopefully get some time over the weekend to play and tweak. It's from zonal marking's blog
  7. Taking inspiration from mainly this season, I'm wondering whether it is possible to play with a Guardiola-style 3 defender formation, with a high press and quick possession type game. Getting the numbers with 600+ passes and 70%+ possession will probably prove quite difficult but I'm interested if using a formation like this can be successful. This opening post won't be as detailed as I'd like but any contributions are very welcome. Looking at the Dortmund match earlier this season, this is the kind of formation I would like to implement. So coming up with something like this (ignore the players it's pre season friendlies atm) Firstly, I think the wings will be too exposed and the DM will have to much work to do. Also having 2 inside forwards might lead to a predictable, crowded attack. In terms of team instructions (not chosen any player instructions yet): Higher tempo Balanced width Much more closing down Stay on feet Play out of defence Retain possession Work ball into box This is just a basic start, but I'm interested to see if others think this can work in the new match engine and if they would make any changes to the base setup I have just now. I'll try and keep this updated, but a massive amount of uni work to do so it might not be as frequent as I would like.
  8. Pre match, I'm on the opposition instructions and can't see it. It's just the shirt with name and number but no roles? Is there something I need to click in preferences?
  9. I saw in the bust the net thread that you can see the opposition player roles. I have the Scorpio skin and Steklo but can't see this on the match preview. Any help?
  10. Wow. What formation you using to get the best out of Adnan? That is a brilliant return even with the pens.
  11. Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong here? I'll try and explain what I want from the tactic. I want one midfielder to be a destroyer that can also feed the ball up top when the opportunity presents, but usually find a safer ball. The other midfielder a more expansive playmaker. I want the left AML to be a inside forward of sorts but offer some unpredictability to be able to go down the line and swing in crosses. With Insigne being good with either foot I feel he should be able to do this. The AMR and more direct inside forward. The AMC should be a classic play making 10 (Ozil, Gotze, Isco) and the striker to lead the line like Lewandowski does in real like. A prolific goalscorer who can also contribute immensely to the build up. It is rather ambitious to get them all playing like this but this is my ultimate goal. I have a real struggle getting the ball to Lewandowski and it is not uncommon for him to finish a full 90 minutes with under 20 passes. There is also not a lot of key passes and with Ozil I'd expect more than 1 every 2 games or so. I have AMR - sit narrower and roam, AMC - roam, ST - move into channels Any advice?
  12. Didn't want to sell him, but I had bought Balanta as extra cover and then Chelsea offered £40m straight-up cash for Jonny Evans. I've sold him and noticed Ozil is on the transfer list for £50m-odd. Will look to buy him in. Edit: Got him for an initial £44m which could rise to £54m.
  13. I'm playing the 4-2-4/4-2-2-2 with inside wingers in home games, and while it's getting some good results my strikers aren't really performing all that well. I generally have a lot of control of the games, but getting the ball to the 2 forwards is proving bit difficult. The more attacking striker is usually starved for real chances and doesn't see a lot of the ball even with 60-odd percent of possession. Just looking for a bit of help in trying to get my tactic to a better level going forward. Ignore the shouts, they are usually changed on a game to game basis. An example of the lack of chances my more attacking striker had. Something like my preferred starting line up. I have tried switching the roles about up front, even had 2 supports to try and get them more involved in the play but it proving a bit difficult.
  14. I've put my code in for the full game. Anyway to delete the beta now? I'm not going to play between now and 12.
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