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  1. Not sure if this has already been addressed but I seem to be having an issue after the latest update where I can only offer players very small contracts. For example I want to say Charlie Austin for Norwhich, I have 40k available in my wage budget but can only offer him 6k as a key player. Also when making loan offers for players it only allowed me a 10% contribution which was 1.2k (with 40k left in the budget). When I adjusted budgets it would then let me offer up to 160% of wages. Are these issues linked? Is there some sort of bug here?
  2. Can someone please help, one of my matches has ended and there's no way for me to continue, I think it may be something to do with being stuck in the middle of altering tactics as the game ended. Any ability to force continue?
  3. Just conceded a goal directly from a throw in. Not sure if this is a known issue but here is a video. Goal is credited to the throw in taker and it doesn't hit anyone else on the way through.
  4. If only they had included a classic mode that allows you to play a more streamlined version of FM eh.
  5. Been playing for a few hours but now my game has just locked up and the processing wheel is spinning top left but it's not progressing...any ideas?
  6. Not sure where to post this but found a small issue. Gloucester City in the Blue Square North have two players called Mike Green and currently the photos are the wrong way around!
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